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5 Reasons Why Sleeved Basketball Jerseys Need to be Stopped!

Is it me or did someone send the wrong uniforms to Game 5 of the NBA Finals? The Cavs be looking like the Colombian National Team on the court. No […]

5 Unorthodox Ways to Pick Your March Madness Bracket

Oh, hey there, March Madness. Welcome back. I was beginning to get super bored with the winter sports lull. But you never fail me. My bracket, on the other hand, […]

5 Athletes Who Should Rap

The Juice is loose! That’s right, the Chocolate Diamond himself, Mr. Le’Veon Bell, just dropped a mixtape, because that’s what pro athletes do when they have too much money. See: […]

Willie Beamen vs Cap Rooney in Super Bowl 50

Al Pacino is elated. 17 years after Any Given Sunday, the rival quarterbacks of the Miami Sharks are finally squaring off in an epic Super Bowl showdown. Well, Cam Newton […]

Recasting Star Wars Using NFL Playoff Rosters

Two of the biggest stories over the past month have been the NFL playoffs and Star Wars. We’re in the thick of the playoff race right now, and if you […]

Steph Curry: The Next Kazaam?

Steph Curry is taking over the world. Not only is he the best shooter in the NBA, but people who don’t even care about basketball are obsessed with his personal […]

5 Awesomely Bad Thanksgiving Halftime Shows

Guys, we got some really important news earlier this week! Big Sean will be the halftime performer at this year’s Thanksgiving game in Detroit. Obviously the football gods were smiling […]

5 Ways for Lakers Fans to Cope with the Season Ahead

I’m a hardcore, die-hard Lakers fan. In my lifetime, they’ve won five championships. I’ve been spoiled by their dominance. Then last year happened. When Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are […]

Kris Bryant: The Next Jeter?

I miss Jeets! It’s been a year since the retirement heard round the world, and I still can’t help but feel like something is missing in baseball. Derek Jeter was […]

Yinzin’ in Italia

As a Pittsburgh sports fan and born yinzer, I’m always looking for slices of the Burgh in whatever city I’m in. I once found a dude wearing a Kordell Stewart […]

Kanye West National Anthem

Guys! T-Pain sang the National Anthem at the Dodgers game on Monday, without auto-tune, and it was actually pretty good. What is the world coming to? We’ve all seen people […]

5 Ways to Troll Athletes for Boneheaded Injuries

The Detroit Lions trolled Geno Smith by playing “I Can’t Feel My Face” when his name was announced last week, and it was glorious. Rex Ryan was grateful for the […]

Top 5 Dad Bods in the NFL

Dad bod is a growing epidemic that must be stopped! I don’t care how much a dude loves beer and burgers, I like my men to have more than a […]

5 Most Legit Athletes in Movies

I saw Trainwreck this weekend and was shocked by an emaciated LeBron. Then I realized he was in the midst of his paleo phase, so I was able to focus […]

Jock Rock vs Jock Jams

As an aggressively mediocre high school athlete, one of my favorite pre-game rituals was listening to pump-up mixes the seniors made. Even more fun was when the infomercial for Jock […]

An Open Letter to Patrick Kane’s Mullet

Dear Patrick Kane’s Mullet, You are the real Stanley Cup Finals MVP. Duncan was great and all, but your star shined brightest. You were an emotional catalyst for your team […]

5 Weirdest Batting Stances in MLB History

One of my personal sayings is, “You can tell a lot about people from their Chipotle orders.” Brown rice and veggies? Health nut. Double steak burrito? Bro. Salad with no […]

5 Fiercest Beards in Sports

Ever wonder why James Harden left OKC? It wasn’t because Houston offered him mo’ money. It was because Kevin Durant cringed at the sight of the fluffy dog living on […]

5 Athletes I Want to See on Celebrity Jeopardy

Unless you’re my mom or that girl in the office who wears cat sweaters and brings wheat grass shakes for lunch, you probably heard about Aaron Rodgers dominating this week’s […]

NBA Accessory Domination: Face Masks vs. Shooting Sleeves

Picture this: you’re at Dick’s Sporting Goods, copping swag for your rec basketball league, and you find yourself in a pickle between a face mask and a shooting sleeve. This […]

5 MLB Players I Want on My Dodgeball Team

In the immortal words of Patches O’Houlihan, the only way to become a dodgeball champion is to “learn the five d’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!” Patches, […]

Aaron Rodgers: The Taylor Swift of Sports

Taylor Swift is a paradox. On one hand, everyone wants to hate her for being an overexposed, seemingly self-obsessed berserk princess. On the other hand, we can’t help but love […]

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