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RG III: Hello Browns Super Bowl!

Robert Griffin III, Super Bowl! After the Cleveland Browns acquired Robert Griffin III to be their next quarterback I jumped up and down, bought his jersey, and naturally started looking […]

The Best One Shining Moments

The ball is tipped….. Tonight Greg Gumbel will guide an entire nation from prelude to a Championship to the cutting down of the nets and conclude as always with my […]

3 Favorite March Madness Cinderella’s

March Madness is the sporting event equivalent of Bret the Hitman Hart – the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be. No debate. […]

Non-glamorous NBA players who wore number 35 with pride

Number 35. Kevin Durant is arguably the best player in the NBA wearing this number on his back. Night after night he defies logic and crushes on someone or drains […]

Starter Jackets were the original swag

Starter recently announced the re-launch of the satin jacket. Hold the freaking phone. My mind instantly wandered back to my childhood days in the mean streets of suburbia Cleveland to […]

If Ecto Cooler and Surge were NBA Players

At Bacon Sports we like to take you back to a time when all was right and the only thing you had to worry about was picking between Monday Night […]

Rob Lowe DirecTV Characters and their Pro Athlete Counterpart

Not since the Napa Know How commercial have we been hit with a tv commercial with greater volume then a J.R. Smith stat sheet. Love it or hate it, you […]

Best Sports Arcade Games from our Youth

The Bacon, Sports, & Beer Celebration rocked Chicago like nothing the city has seen, and like Rube Baker you better not stand on the tracks when the Bacon Sports train […]

Tecmo Super Bowl: The Best Video Game Ever

Football is back and I am more pumped than listening to Jock Jams on repeat. Football season means a few things to me. Drinking the optimistic kool-aid of your favorite […]

SURGE Re-Release: Return of the Mack

Mondays in the fall are reserved for hangovers at work, little production, and plenty of internet surfing. It all changed Monday, September 15, 2014. Coca-Cola dropped the anvil like they […]

Tecmo Super Bowl Draft: Defensive Big Board

The initial Bacon Sports Tecmo Super Bowl Draft Big Board was a great hit that took us back to a time when Zubaz were hot, Jeff George was slinging, and real gaming […]

Tecmo Super Bowl Draft: Offensive Big Board

The NFL Draft is glorious, just like Tecmo Super Bowl. We’ve all read countless mock drafts, heard a never-ending bevy of rumors, and watched the NFL Combine coverage so now […]

The King is Back: How’s My Ass Taste Miami

The King is back!!! HOLY FREAKING S**T!! It has been two hours since the news broke that the Berlin Wall came down LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. […]

7 Things To Do Until Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration 2.0

The last two months of sports this spring have been hotter than Montel Jordan’s “This is How we do it.” The Stanley Cup playoffs and NBA playoffs again had us […]

Cleveland Sports: Our Life, Your Entertainment

The last four days of my life as a Cleveland sports fan have been a roller coaster of emotions that most fan bases experience in a decade. As usual this […]

Pull out your Starter Jackets because the Charlotte Hornets are back!

With their loss to the Miami Heat in four games the Charlotte Bobcats name is thankfully no longer. Michael Jordan, in one of his rare good moves, has brought back […]

The Next Texas Longhorns Head Coach: Rod Belding

Mack Brown is on thin ice at the University of Texas and we all know a Yokozuna- Bonzi Drop is coming soon. Naturally, we must wonder who replaces him. You […]

Trent Richardson Trade: We did it again Browns

I woke up this morning and knew where I was, slowly opened my eyes hoping I was dreaming and it hadn’t happened. But just like rolling over after a night […]

3 Pro Wrestlers and their Steroid Using Baseball Counterpart

Bud Selig FINALLY cracked down on the PED users like they were Mike Leake caught shoplifting. The sports world had been waiting quite some time for the commish to lay […]

Welcome to Cleveland Andrew Bynum. Here’s some ways to spend your money

The Cleveland Cavaliers just backed up the Brinks truck and signed big man Andrew Bynum! Besides having a swimming pool of money larger than Scrooge McDuck, he owns the world’s […]

5 Biggest Hard Asses in Sports Movies

Last week Sir David Stern stole the show as commissioner, MC, and super hard ass at his final NBA Draft. No one goes harder in the paint then Stern, who […]

Fan Tweets Before, During, and After Game 7 of the NBA Finals

Last night the Miami Heat and the vaunted Big 2+ Chris Bosh and other washed up stars faced the San Antonio in arguably one of the most important Game 7’s […]

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