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Hats & Tats: NBA Draft Lottery & Sports Trivia (Ep 228)

On the latest Hats & Tats podcast Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen dish about the NBA Draft Lottery, would we watch the Stanley Cup Final if it were Senators vs Predators, […]

Hats & Tats: Starling Marte Suspension, Aaron Hernandez Jerseys, NBA & NHL Playoffs (Ep 220)

On the latest Hats & Tats podcast Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen dish about the Starling Marte suspension and the impact it has on the Pirates postseason chances, what to […]

Hats & Tats: Final Four Best Scenario, Bleacher Boys Launch & Beatable Cavs (211)

The Final Four is upon us. Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Hats & Tats podcast as they dish about what the best case Final Four scenario is for fans […]

204: Worst NBA Team To Be A Fan Of

There are a whole bunch of NBA teams who are making hot garbages trades and embarrassing their fan base. Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Hats & Tats edition of […]

203: Phil Jackson Riding The Bus, MJ’s Birthday & NBA All Star Weekend

Phil Jackson is riding the bus in New York, triple doubles are being put up like candy, NBA All Star Weekend improvements, and Feb 17th is Michael Jordan’s birthday. Rob Cressy is […]

200: GM LeBron, Melo for K Love & $40k Super Bowl Bet

With a week until the Super Bowl we are gonna save the breakdown and instead give you a randomly awesome episode. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the […]

169 Part 4: Christian Laettner Owes Scottie Pippen Money

Christian Laettner owes Scottie Pippen money and that headline was too salacious for Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen to not finish up Part 4 of episode 169 of the Bacon Sports […]

169 Part 2: College Football, KD & Russ + Croshere vs Knoblach

Who wants to win a copy of Phil Steele’s College Football Preview? Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on part 2 of the Bacon Sports Podcast as they dish about […]

169 Part 1: Dennis Rodman Broke His Junk 3 Times

Dennis Rodman broke his junk three times and we had to jump on a podcast to talk about it. Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Bacon Sports Podcast […]

165: Dwyane Wade to the Bulls, Jon Jones & the nWo

It was a crazy 24 hours in the world of sports with Dwyane Wade joining the Chicago Bulls, Jon “Bones” Jones getting pulled from UFC 200 for PED’s, on top […]

Happy 20th Anniversary of the nWo from Kevin Durant

Happy 20th anniversary of Hulk Hogan turning heel at Bash at the Beach and forming the nWo. On this day in 1996 my life forever changed, just like it did […]

Rapletes On The Rise: Damian Lillard & Le’Veon Bell

Since the dawn of rap, athletes have felt the magnetic pull toward the microphone. Like moth to flame, it is instinctual. It is eternal. In 2016, the hype continues to […]

161: Cavs Fan Euphoria, LeBron Delivers NBA Championship

Following the greatest moment in his Cleveland sports fan life, Cavs fan Tom Hamm joins Rob Cressy on the Bacon Sports Podcast to talk about Game 7, his emotions, LeBron […]

5 Reasons Why Sleeved Basketball Jerseys Need to be Stopped!

Is it me or did someone send the wrong uniforms to Game 5 of the NBA Finals? The Cavs be looking like the Colombian National Team on the court. No […]

158: Top 5 Selling Jerseys in May

Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Bacon Sports podcast as they talk about the Top 5 selling jerseys by league in May, and also play a new game called […]

156: Game 7’s, Hat Trick Dilemma, & Betting Madden

After the Pens Game 7 win over the Lightning Rob Cressy is feeling like a million dollars and had to jump on a podcast to dish about it, plus what’s […]

154: Steph Curry the Alien, Hat Chat, & Bartolo

Is Steph Curry an emotionless alien? Hat aficionado Benjamin Christensen joins Rob Cressy on the first part of a two part Bacon Sports podcast to dish about it. We also talk […]

153: Penguins Clinch, Steph Curry MVP, & the Cubs

There’s a major sporgy going on in the world of sports right now so G-Hunt joins Rob Cressy on the podcast to talk about all of the sports awesomeness. Topics […]

147: The Awesomeness of Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame so we decided to give The Diesel his proper respect by doing a Shaqcast, an all Shaquille O’Neal podcast. […]

1995-96 Chicago Bulls vs Hollywood Basketball Dream Team

Most basketball enthusiasts consider the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls to be the best team in NBA history. It is hard to argue. They had the best regular season record of all-time […]

140: Is Steph Curry More Unstoppable Than Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson?

Who is more unstoppable: Steph Curry or Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson? Bacon Sports writer Tom Hamm joins Rob Cressy to break this down matchup of titans. What makes this matchup […]

More Unstoppable: Steph Curry or Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson?

Last night Steph Curry damn near broke Twitter and caused Mike Breen to need a change of pants with one incredible 38-foot shot from WAYYYYYYY DOWNTOWN to beat the Thunder […]

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