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What Can Be Done To Fix The Pro Bowl?

Does anyone actually care about the Pro Bowl? Nope. It’s a shame because there is such a big opportunity to capitalize on so many of the NFL’s best players being […]

Sports Marketing Huddle: Don’t Eat Tide Pods Because Gronk Said So

People are stupidly taking videos of themselves eating Tide Pods. In order to get them to stop eating laundry detergent Tide created a video with the help of the Patriots […]

Steelers Reaction: What The Hell Just Happened Versus The Jaguars?

The Steelers lost to the Jaguars 45-42 in disgusting fashion and while the wound is still fresh Rob Cressy is joined by fellow yinzer Mike Capalbo as they share their emotions just minutes […]

Yinzcast: Why The Steelers Will Smoke The Jaguars

On the latest Yinzcast, a Pittsburgh Sports podcast, Rob Cressy is joined by fellow yinzer Mike Capalbo as they dish about the upcoming Steelers vs Jaguars playoff matchup. What from the Week […]

Marvin Lewis Is Back Much To The Displeasure Of Bengals Fans

Just when Bengals fans thought they had freedom, owner Mike Brown snatched it away by inexplicably bringing Marvin Lewis back for two more seasons. Rob Cressy is joined by resident Bengals fan […]

Rent Jerseys From Your Favorite Teams Thanks To Rep The Squad

Rep The Squad is changing the way the jersey game is played by allowing sports fans to rent jerseys from their favorite teams. When I first heard about the concept […]

Steelers vs Bengals Aftermath, JuJu’s Hit, Business As Usual Bengals

The Steelers beat the Bengals on Monday Night Football in what Ben Roethlisberger called, “AFC North Football.” Four starters left the game with injuries (thoughts and prayers with Ryan Shazier), […]

Bacon Bits: Dez Bryant Is Overrated

Dez Bryant is the most overrated “Superstar” in the NFL. On the Bacon Bits for Thu, Nov 30, 2017 Rob Cressy dishes about why it’s time for Dez and the Cowboys to […]

What’s The Seahawks Ceiling & Old School SuperSonics Stories (Ep. 244)

The best game of the NFL weekend was the Seahawks vs the Texans as Russell Wilson lead a late fourth quarter comeback like it was nothing. Rob Cressy is joined […]

NFL Week 8 – Jabroni’s of the Week (Ep. 243)

It’s NFL Week 8 and the home favorites finally had their week. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast as they talk about who their […]

NFL Week 7 – Who’s The Best Team? (Ep. 242)

It’s NFL Week 7 and whoever the best team in the league is hasn’t shown itself. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast as they […]

NFL Week 6 – Do We Trust Them? (Ep. 241)

It’s NFL Week 6 and few things are certain right now. The Chiefs are undefeated but are they really the best team? What in the world is going on with […]

NFL Week 4 Survivor Pool Picks – 2017 (Ep. 239)

Who should you take in your NFL Week 4 Survivor Pool? There are seven games with a spread of 7 points or more this week so there are plenty of […]

NFL Week 3 Survivor Pool Picks – 2017 (Ep. 238)

Who should you take in your NFL Week 3 Survivor Pool? The Top 3 choices are Patriots (-13.5) over Texans, Packers (-8.5) over Bengals, and Steelers (-7) over the Bears. […]

NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks – 2017 (Ep. 237)

Who should you take in your NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool? The Raiders and Seahawks are both 15 point home favorites and are the consensus top two picks. The Ravens […]

NFL Week 1 Survivor Pool Picks – 2017 (Ep. 236)

Football Is BACK! That means it is time to think about who you should be taking in your NFL Week 1 Survivor Pool. Rob Cressy and Tom Hamm are back […]

Hats & Tats: Packers Fan Takes His Wife’s Last Name (Ep 231)

On the latest Hats & Tats podcast Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen dish about a diehard Packers fan who took his wife’s last name in marriage, talk Marian Hossa’s retirement due […]

202: $40K Super Bowl Betting Story

Can you imagine winning $40,000 if the Falcons won the Super Bowl? This was a real possibility for a friend of mine who just so happened to be the only […]

201: Super Bowl 51 Picks + #randomathlete

It’s Super Bowl week so Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast to give their Super Bowl 51 picks. They also talk about some overlooked stats […]

200: GM LeBron, Melo for K Love & $40k Super Bowl Bet

With a week until the Super Bowl we are gonna save the breakdown and instead give you a randomly awesome episode. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the […]

198: NFL Championship Round Storylines

Welcome to NFL Championship Round weekend where we’ve got two Super Bowl winning quarterback underdogs. In the AFC it’s business as usual for a looked beatable last week yet still the clear […]

197: Super Bowl Winning QBs on the Road

Welcome to NFL Divisional Round weekend. We’ve got a unique situation going on as three Super Bowl winning quarterbacks are road underdogs, going up against teams that haven’t had much recent […]

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