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Jersey Bracket Challenge Sweet 16 Talk (Ep 226)

The Jersey Bracket Challenge has hit the Sweet 16 and some of the matchup’s have been incredible. Rob Cressy is joined by Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips to talk about each of the jerseys […]

Jersey Bracket Challenge Update & Discussion (Ep 225)

Now that the Jersey Bracket Challenge is in motion it’s time to get this party started. Rob Cressy is joined by jersey aficionado Gibson Smith to talk about his entries for the […]

Jersey Bracket Challenge – Send In Your Jerseys (Ep 224)

We are running a Jersey Bracket Challenge and want you to send in your best and most random jerseys. Rob Cressy is joined by Bacon Sports Co-Director of Content Tom Pellegrino to […]

NBA Trade Deadline + Jerseys (Ep 223)

The NBA trade deadline resulted in a flurry of activity, from Blake Griffin going to the Pistons to the Cavs blowing up their entire team. Rob Cressy is joined by Hoopstergram’s Tom […]

NBA City Jerseys: The Good & Bad

The NBA City jersey have hit the streets and the reviews on them have been mixed. Rob Cressy is joined by Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips on the Hoopster Nation as they dish about […]

Rent Jerseys From Your Favorite Teams Thanks To Rep The Squad

Rep The Squad is changing the way the jersey game is played by allowing sports fans to rent jerseys from their favorite teams. When I first heard about the concept […]

Post-Lollapalooza 2017: Best Jerseys & Holy Smokes (Ep 235)

Lollapalooza 2017 just went down and Holy Smokes Batman the quality and quantity of jerseys rocked was out of this world. The Hoopster Nation crew Rob Cressy, Gibson Smith, and […]

Pre-Lollapalooza 2017: Jersey Trends & What We Are Rocking (Ep 234)

Lollapalooza 2017 is right around the corner and that means the Super Bowl of Jerseys is here. To celebrate the Hoopster Nation crew Rob Cressy, Gibson Smith, and Hoopstergram’s Tom […]

Top 5 Grizzlies Jerseys + The ESPY’s (Ep 233)

Who are your Top 5 Vancouver/Memphis Grizzliers jerseys ever? On the latest Hats & Tats edition of the Bacon Sports podcast Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen give their Top 5 ranking, talk […]

Top 5 Seattle SuperSonics Jerseys Ever (Ep 232)

Who are your Top 5 Seattle SuperSonics jerseys ever? On the latest Hats & Tats edition of the Bacon Sports podcast Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen give their Top 5 ranking, […]

Hoopster Nation: Goodbye Dana Barros Jersey & Recent Jersey Purchases (Ep 222)

With Coachella going on and Lollapalooza tickets on sale the start of the Jerseys Season has officially begun. To celebrate we got the band back together as Rob Cressy, Gibson […]

Hats & Tats: Getting A Deal On Jerseys & A’s Hat Trade-in (Ep 212)

On part two of this weeks Hats & Tats podcast, Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen give tips for getting a great deal on jerseys you purchase from eBay, they say goodbye […]

208: Sweet 16, Lolla Jerseys, NBA Tinder, Westbrook vs Harden

Holy Smokes that sports calendar is on fire right now! Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Hats & Tats podcast as they dish about who to root for […]

206: St Patrick’s Day Jerseys & Hats

The party people are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this Saturday. Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Hats & Tats edition of the Bacon Sports podcast as they dish […]

168: Lollapalooza 2016 Jerseys Recap

Lollapalooza 2016 was a sea of sports fans rocking jerseys and it was incredible. Gibson Smith and Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips join Rob Cressy on the latest edition of the Hoopster […]

Jerseys Jerseys Everywhere: Lollapalooza 2016 Edition

Lollapalooza is the Olympics of rocking jerseys. On Saturday my mission was to take pictures of the best jerseys I saw at the Olympics. I wore my Saturday’s best (a Calbert Cheaney […]

167: Lollapalloza Jerseys- What Are You Rocking?

Lollapalooza, the Olympics of rocking jerseys, is less than a week away so we had to lay down a pre-Lollapalooza jerseys podcast. Rob Cressy is joined by Gibson Smith and Hoopstergram’s […]

164: 4th of July Jerseys

It’s 4th of July weekend and that means that jersey loving sports fans will be parading around in red, white, and blue Team USA jerseys. On this edition of the […]

5 Reasons Why Sleeved Basketball Jerseys Need to be Stopped!

Is it me or did someone send the wrong uniforms to Game 5 of the NBA Finals? The Cavs be looking like the Colombian National Team on the court. No […]

158: Top 5 Selling Jerseys in May

Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Bacon Sports podcast as they talk about the Top 5 selling jerseys by league in May, and also play a new game called […]

152: Best Jerseys From The 2016 NFL Draft

This podcast is dedicated to the best jerseys I captured at Day 1 of the 2016 NFL Draft in Chicago. Resident Bengals fan Tom Pellegrino joins to give commentary on the best […]

Crazy Fans & Random Jerseys from NFL Draft Town 2016

The 2016 NFL Draft was in Chicago and like we did last year, G-Hunt and I went down to NFL Draft Town to kick it with all the crazy football fans, […]

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