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NBA Legends Rejecting the Rock. 5 Sweet Block Videos.

After LeBron James’ epic block last night I wanted to compile a few videos showing NBA legends doing their best attempts at shot blocking. Do any of these videos compare to what […]

Top 5 Ballers Who Are Just Way Too Tall

After doing an article about ballers with ridiculous verticals and Roy Hibbert doing his thing in the current series versus the Miami Heat, I figured that it was only fitting that […]

5 ballers whose verticals make me sad

Yes I can dunk. It isn’t easy for me and it’s not pretty. I’m also 6 foot 3 and have the gangly arms of an orangutan. If I had to pick […]

5 videos showing why Andrew Wiggins is such a baller

Andrew Wiggins, the number one overall high school basket recruit who is from Canada, just committed to play ball for the Kansas Jayhawks. He’s a one and done and assuming […]

Larry Bird Dunking Mix

The Boston Celtics are now down 2-0 to the Knicks so I thought that I’d help lift the spirits of Celtics fans. Located in between the era of Dr. J […]

Two sneaky good March Madness videos

We are OD’ing on college basketball right now like we do whenever new Kate Upton or Paulina Gretzky pictures come out. There are going to be countless “best buzzer beats” […]

Compilation of monster dunks by Stromile Swift

Stromile Swift was a pretty big sized bust. He was drafted 2nd overall by the Vancouver Grizzlies in the 2000 NBA Draft ahead of the likes of well…no one in […]

Don’t think you can do that in college basketball

At last night’s Pitt vs Seton Hall college basketball tilt we witnessed one of the better illegal moves in college basketball. Seton Hall center Gene Teague goes up for a […]

Five sweet early 90’s Chicago Bulls videos that don’t include Michael Jordan

If you were born between 1975-1985 then there is a good chance that you were a fan of the early 90’s Chicago Bulls if for no other reason than Michael […]

Stacey King dropping the quote of the night involving Luol Deng and cereal

Chicago Bulls announcer Stacey King is a trip. He is a quote machine and half the time is just as entertaining as the game itself. In tonight’s Bulls vs Cavaliers game […]

How do I get ready for the NBA season? By watching Larry Bird dunk videos

I need to get into NBA game shape so I figured that I’d watch some of the best Larry Bird dunk videos. Amazingly there’s more than one out there. Here’s […]

The fly suits that Craig Sager rocked this year

Earlier this year we captured many of the different fly suits that Craig Sager wore. In a BaconSports original we decided to put them all together in a compilation video. […]

Vince Carter Dunks Over Fredric Weis

Team USA basketball vs France makes me remember what I believe is the best in game dunk in the history of basketball. Vince Carter soaring over Frederic Weis. I could […]

Nothing but Rex Chapman Commercials

It’s Friday so I’m feeling a bit frisky. When I feel a bit frisky it means that I’ve been thinking about late 80’s NBA players. Today I’ve been thinking specifically […]

Sick Ball Handling by Pat the Roc

One of my favorite bands, Matt & Kim, just came out with a new music video for the song “Let’s Go” that is not only relevant to the world of […]

There’s No Ties in Basketball

According to this female news anchor last nights Celtics vs Heat game ended in a tie. Is it any wonder why guys assume that girls don’t know crap about sports? […]

Tony Parker MVP Haircut

Sports fans do some pretty crazy things to show their support for their favorite teams and players. I am included in that group as I have a Steelers tattoo on […]

Elevator Ernie and Skywalker Sager throwing down monster dunks

I’m in the process of doing some research to create some sports themed tshirts that I hope to be able to feature and sell here. While doing this research I […]

Kirk Hinrich Breaks JJ Redick’s Ankles

You read that correct, this is a video of Kirk Hinrich breaking JJ Redick’s ankles. This is the first and only time that Kirk Hinrich has blown by anyone and […]

Top 10 Shawn Kemp Dunks

When Shawn Kemp was on the Seattle SuperSonics he was one of the Top 3 dunkers in the NBA. He never won an NBA Slam Dunk contest but he most […]

No Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, or Jeremy Lin

It is not uncommon for me to watch Sportscenter twice in a row (I’m looking for suggestions on what to call this, if you’ve got one let me here it) […]

The NBA…it’s Fantastic! Corey Maggette travels six times

People have said that the quality of play in the NBA has been constantly eroding. The product on the court is far from what it was when Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and […]

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