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Fictional Baseball Movie Fantasy Draft

henry-and-the-jetOpening day of the baseball season is just a few weeks away. A new season of hope begins for some franchises looking to turn the corner while other teams are working to sustain greatness. Fans are getting prepared by checking out all the players in spring training and ranking them for their upcoming fantasy drafts. I was doing my fantasy rankings the other day while Major League II was on which got me thinking. What if you could draft one character from a fictional baseball movie and add them to your favorite baseball team?

Would you take a veteran arm like Chet Steadman to solidify the rotation? Maybe you need a young up and comer like Billy “Downtown” Anderson from Major league III to be the centerpiece you build your franchise around.

I compiled a list of some of the best fictional characters ever created (not including Roy Hobbs from the Natural who was too good) to help you decide. Let us know who you would take and why?

The Bad News Bears– Toby Whitewood, Kelly Leak, Timmy Lupus, Mike Engelberg, Jose Aguilar, Miguel aguilar, Jimmy Feldman, Alfred Ogilvie, Amanda Whurlizer, Tanner Boyle, Ahmad Abdul-Rahim, Rudi Stein, Joey turner.

Mr. 3000– Stan Ross, Rex Pennebaker, Anthony ‘Boca’ Carter, Fukuda, Minadeo, Skillet.

Summer Catch– Ryan Dunne, Billy Brubaker, Mickey Dominguez, Miles Dalrymple.

Major League One and Two– Rube Baker, Taka Tanaka, Pedro Cerrano, Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn, Jake Taylor, Roger Dorn, Willie ‘Mays’ Hayes, Jack Parkman, Clu Haywood, Duke Temple. Eddie Harris.

Major League III: Back to the Minors-Lance “The Dance” Pere, Frank “Pops” Morgan, Hog Ellis, Billy “Downtown” Anderson, Carlton “Doc” Windgate, Carlos Liston.

Little Big League– Lou Collins, Jerry Johnson, Jim Bowers, Spencer Hamilton, Leon Alexander, Pat Corning, Mark Hodges, Lonnie Ritter, John ‘Blackout’ Gatling, Mickey Scales, Mike McGrevey.

Angels in the Outfield– Mel Clark, Triscuitt Messmer, Whitt Bass, Ray Mitchell, Danny Hemmerling, Ben Williams, Jose Martinez, Pablo Garcia.

The Sandlot– “Benny the Jet” Rodriguez, Hamilton “Ham” Porter, Kenny DeNunez.

Rookie of the Year– Henry Rowengartner, Chet “Rocket” Steadman, Butch Heddo.

Mr. Baseball– Jack Elliot, Max ‘Hammer’ Dubois, Yoji Nishimura, Toshi Yamashita, Ryoh Mukai.

Talent for the Game– Sammy Bodeen.

The Scout– Steve Nebraska.

Bull Durham– Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh, “Crash” Davis.

Long Gone– Cecil “Stud” Cantrell, Jamie Weeks, Joe Louis Brown.


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  • Steve Nebraska could throw no-hitters AND hit homeruns. Greatest baseball player ever.

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