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Random Jerseys: Charlie Ward New York Knicks Jersey

Ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves another walkoff jersey. The second I saw this Charlie Ward New York Knicks jersey I was in awe of it.

Charlie Ward Knicks Jersey Ebay

Charlie Ward’s name was much more valuable than his actual play on the court was. Ward spent 11 seasons in the NBA and was nothing more than a serviceable backup. His final stat line looked like this: 6.3 ppg, 4.0 dimes, 2.6 boards, and 1.2 steals while shooting 40.8% from the field (BARF! How very Larry Hughes of him) and 77% from the charity stripe. We all know that he was a Heisman Trophy winning QB at Florida State and that basketball was his second best sport but I thought his numbers were better than that. Apparently not. If you need any more proof of why the Knicks haven’t won a championship in so long consider this. Charlie Ward made $34 million over his 11 year career including topping out at $6 million per year in 03′-04′. All but two of those seasons were with the Knicks.

Here’s some sports knowledge that you can drop on your friends about Charlie Ward. His backcourt mate at Florida State was none other than Sam Cassell.

In case you are interested in buying this gem (which I highly recommend) then you can go here.

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