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Random Jersey: Maceo Baston Michigan Wolverines

I’m pretty sure that I could have gone the rest of my life without ever thinking about Maceo Baston again…until now! This will go down as one of the best jerseys that I’ve seen in a few months. I’m not even sure if anyone other than this guy and Maceo Baston own a Maceo Baston jersey.

Maceo Baston Michigan Jersey

Baston was an average college player who put up a modest 10.7 points and 6.6 boards for his career. The catch is that he could throw down some monster dunks so that made him about 15% better than he actually was. If you are going to compare him to anyone it is Darvin Hamm. Hamm-a-slamwich only averaged 8 points and 5 boards for his college career yet somehow managed to play in the NBA for eight seasons. Baston was drafted late in the second round by the Chicago Bulls and instantly became an NBA journeymen. He ended up playing four seasons for two different teams (Toronto Raptors, Indiana Pacers) and averaged a pedestrian 2.7 points and 1.7 boards for his career. All of that somehow allowed him to make over $5.2 million for his career including $2.2 million his final season with the Pacers. I have absolutely no clue why in the world the Pacers gave him that kind of money. He showed that he could be nothing more than an And-1 type of player that could throw it down like a helicopter.

Here is a video that some Youtube superfan made showing Baston highlights to Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle”:

Shout out to my boy Marty D for this find. 


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