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Terribly Awesome Baseball Card of the Day: Jim Leyland

jim-leyland-basball-cardJim Leyland, 1986 Topps

There have been some truly awful baseball uni’s throughout the ages and the mid-80’s Pirates jerseys were among the most putrid. That hat, good lord that hat. Rumor has it that Bill the Butcher’s hat in Gangs of New York was based on this card. At worst, Jim Leyland could have been in extra in the final battle scene (Personal Note: I thought the Pug Uglies got hosed).

This card also got me to thinking about what could be stashed away in the hat. He could definitely fit at least two Baconators in that thing. Knowing Leyland is a smoker, he was probably hiding a carton of Kool’s up there. Easy access is a must when your closer walks the first batter in the ninth.



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