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A Sports Poem for all of Johnny Manziel’s Haters


You know who should all go burn in hell?

The people that hate on Johnny Manziel,

His nickname alone is enough to be said,

He’s got the hottest chicks in Texas asleep in his bed.

“Oh, no Johnny’s at a party and holding a beer!?”

Yea well he won the Heisman his freshman year.

“Just shut up and play, there’s no need to Tweet,”

While he’s courtside in Miami and you don’t have a seat.

So he signed a few autographs and made a quick buck,

And now he might get suspended, what the fuck?

He copes just by drinking, is this your best diss?

EVERYONE stop, just look at this… (his ex-girlfriend)





Eric Simon

Eric Simon

I root for all of the sickest teams/players in sports, and I have a legitimate reason for each one. I am from Tucson, AZ so I love U of A basketball. My dad is from New York so I'm a Yankees fan, and I went to USC so I'm a Trojan. I hate underdogs and anyone that would ever root for the Spurs. I would be on the Dark Side of the force, and I would be in Slytherin if I went to Hogwarts. I haven't played with anyone on the golf course that can hit the ball further than me in eight years. If you're reading this, I can beat you in ping pong or chess. Also, I was given the useless gift to write poems. So, now I write sports poems.


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