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Muggsy Bogues Warriors Jersey Unicorn

muggsy bogues warriors jersey

I’m a kid on Christmas morning right now because I’m 99% sure I have found a legitimate unicorn! As a man who has chased unicorns his entire life, it can be tricky to determine the real from the fake. This girl rocking a Muggsy Bogues Warriors jersey is as real as it gets.

Although it’s hard to focus on anything besides our unicorn right now, I’ll do my best.

To start, I completely forgot Muggsy Bogues had a stint with Golden State. I always associate him with those great Charlotte Hornets teams where he played alongside Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson. I also tend to think about that tragic night in 1996 when Bogues’ basketball abilities were stolen by the Monstars from Moron Mountain. There should totally be a 30 for 30 to commemorate these events.

Anyways, bottom line, this Muggsy Bogues Warriors jersey is straight fire and anyone who has it in their closet is OK in my book!

H/T: Eric Salting

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Ryan Lindquist

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