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NBA Legends Rejecting the Rock. 5 Sweet Block Videos.

lebron-blocked-shot-splitterAfter LeBron James’ epic block last night I wanted to compile a few videos showing NBA legends doing their best attempts at shot blocking. Do any of these videos compare to what LeBron was able to do last night? Lets take time of game and importance of the game out of the equatuion and just focus on the player and the block itself. Happy viewing Baconators.

Michael Jordan

Sorry Chicago Bulls fans, here is our former savior blocking Ron Mercer in a Washington Wizards uniform.

Kobe Bryant

Not wanting to give up the NBA best player crown, Kobe Bryant takes it LeBron in the All Star game TWICE.

Carmelo Anthony

The man known for only his offensive skills, Carmelo Anthony comes up with a huge block on James Harden.

Shaquille O’Neal

Monster center, monster block. Heads up front row!!!!

Kevin Durant

What a block by Mr. Durant. Holy shit it was like it was in slow mo. Holla!

After viewing the videos which is your favorite rejection? Don’t base it on your favorite player, rather the block itself. Like looking at a chick, do not base it on just the face. Look at the total package. How far does the ball go? Does the other player look astonished? Did the blocked players team get the ball back?




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  • Hook

    You guys should throw in my favorite block of all-time, the LeBron James denial of Jason Richardson’s 360 dunk.

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