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173: NFL Week 2 Survivor Pool Picks

Hopefully you are still alive in your survivor pool. If not then you probably didn’t listen to last week’s podcast where we gave out the Texans. Rob Cressy is joined by […]

172: NFL Week 1 Survivor Pool Picks

The NFL is back which means so is fantasy football, survivor pools, and gambling. Rob Cressy is joined by Tom Hamm on the Bacon Sports podcast as they get you […]

171: Football is Back + Bill Simmons Talking About Weed

Football is back baby! Rob Cressy and Greg Hunter were kicking it at the Bacon Sports Mancave office and decided to turn the mics on, get the drops board bumping, and talk about […]

170: Fantasy Football Draft Advice

Fantasy football season is here so to help get you ready for your drafts we decided to drop a Fantasy Football Draft Advice podcast. Rob Cressy is joined by Matt Smith […]

169 Part 4: Christian Laettner Owes Scottie Pippen Money

Christian Laettner owes Scottie Pippen money and that headline was too salacious for Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen to not finish up Part 4 of episode 169 of the Bacon Sports […]

169 Part 3: Jordan Brand & The Sports Marketing Huddle

Jordan Brand, athlete endorsements, and eSports are some of the topics Rob Cressy and Benjamin Christensen dish about on Part 3 of episode 169 of the Bacon Sports Podcast. Rob […]

169 Part 2: College Football, KD & Russ + Croshere vs Knoblach

Who wants to win a copy of Phil Steele’s College Football Preview? Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on part 2 of the Bacon Sports Podcast as they dish about […]

169 Part 1: Dennis Rodman Broke His Junk 3 Times

Dennis Rodman broke his junk three times and we had to jump on a podcast to talk about it. Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Bacon Sports Podcast […]

3 Things That Happen When You Are A Chick Who Digs Sports

I’m a girl. I love sports. I’m perpetually single. I suspect these three things are related. I know what you’re thinking: A girl who loves sports? That’s perfect. Guys love […]

168: Lollapalooza 2016 Jerseys Recap

Lollapalooza 2016 was a sea of sports fans rocking jerseys and it was incredible. Gibson Smith and Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips join Rob Cressy on the latest edition of the Hoopster […]

Jerseys Jerseys Everywhere: Lollapalooza 2016 Edition

Lollapalooza is the Olympics of rocking jerseys. On Saturday my mission was to take pictures of the best jerseys I saw at the Olympics. I wore my Saturday’s best (a Calbert Cheaney […]

167: Lollapalloza Jerseys- What Are You Rocking?

Lollapalooza, the Olympics of rocking jerseys, is less than a week away so we had to lay down a pre-Lollapalooza jerseys podcast. Rob Cressy is joined by Gibson Smith and Hoopstergram’s […]

166: Bryant McFadden- Steelers 2x Super Bowl Winning CB

Bryant McFadden, the former Steelers 2x Super Bowl winning CB, joins Rob Cressy to talk 5 good minutes of Steelers football. The topics we talk about include: What was his mindset during the […]

165: Dwyane Wade to the Bulls, Jon Jones & the nWo

It was a crazy 24 hours in the world of sports with Dwyane Wade joining the Chicago Bulls, Jon “Bones” Jones getting pulled from UFC 200 for PED’s, on top […]

Happy 20th Anniversary of the nWo from Kevin Durant

Happy 20th anniversary of Hulk Hogan turning heel at Bash at the Beach and forming the nWo. On this day in 1996 my life forever changed, just like it did […]

164: 4th of July Jerseys

It’s 4th of July weekend and that means that jersey loving sports fans will be parading around in red, white, and blue Team USA jerseys. On this edition of the […]

Kevin Durant, the 4th of July, & Tim Tebow Saved A Life

Do you like sports with pop culture and music references mixed in with comedy in a fun and interactive way? If so then this first Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports podcast […]

162: Phil Steele Talking College Football

College football expert Phil Steele joins Rob Cressy on the Bacon Sports Podcast to talk about all things college football and the 2016 Phil Steele’s College Football Preview. If you […]

Rapletes On The Rise: Damian Lillard & Le’Veon Bell

Since the dawn of rap, athletes have felt the magnetic pull toward the microphone. Like moth to flame, it is instinctual. It is eternal. In 2016, the hype continues to […]

161: Cavs Fan Euphoria, LeBron Delivers NBA Championship

Following the greatest moment in his Cleveland sports fan life, Cavs fan Tom Hamm joins Rob Cressy on the Bacon Sports Podcast to talk about Game 7, his emotions, LeBron […]

160: Joel Embiid Loves Shirley Temple’s & Sports Headlines

Rob Cressy is joined by Benjamin Christensen on the Bacon Sports Podcast as they dish about the crazy sports headlines from the past week. The sports headlines they talk about include: […]

5 Reasons Why Sleeved Basketball Jerseys Need to be Stopped!

Is it me or did someone send the wrong uniforms to Game 5 of the NBA Finals? The Cavs be looking like the Colombian National Team on the court. No […]

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