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144: How To Get a Job at Bleacher Report with Dylan MacNamara

Rob Cressy brings on Dylan MacNamara, Director of Talent & Media at Bleacher Report, to talk about the journey of his sports career and how to get a job at […]

RG III: Hello Browns Super Bowl!

Robert Griffin III, Super Bowl! After the Cleveland Browns acquired Robert Griffin III to be their next quarterback I jumped up and down, bought his jersey, and naturally started looking […]

Browns Looking Forward to 2-14 Season with RGIII

I’m not quite sure what to think about the Cleveland Browns move to sign Robert Griffin III to a 2 year deal. On one hand, there isn’t much of a […]

March Madness Trivia Quiz

The time of year for work productivity to grind to a halt is upon us. Bracket pool requests have flooded your email inbox, and spreadsheets have been replaced with online […]

1995-96 Chicago Bulls vs Hollywood Basketball Dream Team

Most basketball enthusiasts consider the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls to be the best team in NBA history. It is hard to argue. They had the best regular season record of all-time […]

143: Early 2016 Fantasy Football Rankings with The Fantasy Footballers

Rob Cressy brings on Andy Holloway, Mike Wright, and Jason Moore, the awesome trio from The Fantasy Footballers, to discuss early 2016 fantasy football rankings. We talk about who should be the […]

Opening Round NCAA Tournament Trivia

Christmas morning for sports fans is here with the arrival of March Madness and the NCAA tournament. Work productivity will almost certainly grind to a halt as avid fans second-guess […]

5 Unorthodox Ways to Pick Your March Madness Bracket

Oh, hey there, March Madness. Welcome back. I was beginning to get super bored with the winter sports lull. But you never fail me. My bracket, on the other hand, […]

Browns Fans Priceless Johnny Manziel Draft Reaction

This Johnny Manziel draft reaction video that we shot at our NFL Draft party in 2014 will live in infamy thanks to the Cleveland Browns waiving Manziel. What started out […]

142: Master P NBA Jersey, Counterfeit Jerseys & Rare VNTG

Casey Pitocchelli from Rare Vntg joins the Hoopster Nation podcast to talk about his Master P NBA jersey, how counterfeit jerseys have flooded the market, where his love of jerseys […]

141: Athletes I Wanna See Rap Podcast

On the heels of Le’Veon Bell dropping a mixtape I had to have Bacon Sports writer Rebecca Ramos join the podcast to talk about her 5 Athletes Who Should Rap article. We […]

Breaking Down The Top Gun Volleyball Scene

The Top Gun volleyball scene where Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Slider play sand volleyball in the scorching heat is possibly the most unrealistic scene in the history of motion pictures. […]

10 Rules To Wearing Jerseys

You have a rockin’ collection of jerseys stashed in your closet. It’s game day and you’re ready to rep your team. For story’s sake, let’s say you’re a die-hard San […]

5 Athletes Who Should Rap

The Juice is loose! That’s right, the Chocolate Diamond himself, Mr. Le’Veon Bell, just dropped a mixtape, because that’s what pro athletes do when they have too much money. See: […]

140: Is Steph Curry More Unstoppable Than Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson?

Who is more unstoppable: Steph Curry or Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson? Bacon Sports writer Tom Hamm joins Rob Cressy to break this down matchup of titans. What makes this matchup […]

139: Fanchise – The First Fan Run Pro Football Franchise

Former NFL safety Ray Austin joins Rob Cressy to talk about Fanchise, the first fan run pro football franchise where Ray is Co-Founder and Director of Sports. You read that correctly, a football team […]

More Unstoppable: Steph Curry or Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson?

Last night Steph Curry damn near broke Twitter and caused Mike Breen to need a change of pants with one incredible 38-foot shot from WAYYYYYYY DOWNTOWN to beat the Thunder […]

138: College Hoops Talk & Will LSU Make The Tournament

College basketball expert and Bracketologist Andy Bottoms from joins to talk about all things college hoops. We dish about who is the best college basketball team in the nation (is it […]

Sports Comics: NBA All-Star Starters at Hypothetical Jobs

Time for some NBA comics. What if NBA All-Star starters had other jobs? Let’s check in with Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Kyle Lowry, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook and see what […]

Decision 2016 – Sports Edition

The election is right around the corner, but many voters are finding it difficult to get excited about this sorry set of candidates. Thankfully, our candidates are all current and […]

137: Jerseys Around the World + Team Bacon Sports Update

If Hoopster Hall of Fame plaques were given out Brad Bultman would have one. He’s an NBA jerseys enthusiast from Grand Rapids, MI that currently resides in Australia who has been to 40 […]

Bills Mafia: Vegas Baby Vegas!

Just when we think the NFL season is over for the Buffalo Bills and their crazy fans, this elder statesman shows up in Las Vegas sporting a Sammy Watkins jersey proving […]

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