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134: G-Hunt’s Super Bowl Stories & Buying a Stolen Ticket

panthers super bowl stories

Panthers diehard G-Hunt is still recovering in San Francisco but jumps on the pod to share his crazy Panthers Super Bowl stories.

On the podcast G-Hunt talks about:

  • His NFL Super Bowl experience on Saturday including sneaking into the Intel party with his crew (shout out to Todd Hunter & Jeff Manning.)
  • Finding a Panthers bar and then getting on the local news from the TV station in his home town (Fayetteville, North Carolina.)
  • Tailgating with the Bojangles crew, who drove cross country to support the Panthers, before the Super Bowl.
  • Buying a Super Bowl ticket from a scalper that unknowingly was stolen.
  • Watching the second half of the Super Bowl at a low rent American chain restaurant.
  • Thoughts on Cam Newton’s Super Bowl performance.

Outro guitar riff provided by Kevin Maines. Check out his latest single Whiskey River.




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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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Rob Cressy


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