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Random Baseball Card of the Day: Mark Grace Chicago Cubs

I’m in the process of creating baseball card wallpaper with all of my old common and random baseball, basketball, football, and hockey cards that I have. Today I pulled out this 1989 Tops All-Star Rookie Mark Grace Chicago Cubs card.

Mark Grace 89 Topps

The back of this card tells us that Mark Grace collected his first Major League hit on 5/2/88 and belted his first home fun on 5/4/88. I did some digging and found out that first hit was off of Jimmy Jones and that first home run off of Keith Comstock both of the San Diego Padres. Grace holds the distinction of having collected the most hits in the decade of the 1990′s with 1,754. He, along with Pete Rose, are the only two players to have the most hits in a decade and not be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Grace was selected in the 24th round by the Cubs, talk about a steal! In this card Grace looks like he is enamored by some sort of airplane or person parachuting onto Wrigley Field.

Grace will go down with George Brett as having one of the best rants ever. While on the Jim Rome show back in 03′ he said the following: “A slumpbuster is if a team’s in a slump, or if you personally are in a slump, you gotta find the fatest, gnarliest, grossest chick and you just gotta lay the wood to her. And when you do that, you’re just gonna have instant success. And it could also be called jumping on a grenade for the team.” That is fantastic! All credit for that quote comes from which makes it even that much better.

Grace does have some interesting relationship ties to entertainment. His ex-wife Michelle was once married to Ray Liotta and his second ex-wife was on the VH1 show “Baseball Wives”. Awesome.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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Rob Cressy


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Rob Cressy
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