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Sick Ball Handling by Pat the Roc

One of my favorite bands, Matt & Kim, just came out with a new music video for the song “Let’s Go” that is not only relevant to the world of sports but also badass at the same time. I’d like to introduce you to Pat the Roc, one of the sickest ball handlers/dribblers that you’ll ever see (he comes out at the 20 second mark and starts breaking it down at 37 seconds). If only he could teach Dwight Howard and Kendrick Perkins how to handle the rock.

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Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving free throw specialist living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.
Rob Cressy


Sports comedy, fun, and awesomeness. We also throw @baconsportsbeer. Created by @robcressy & @baconsportsgreg.
Rob Cressy
Rob Cressy

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