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Best sports themed costumes we saw this Halloween

You didn’t think I could go out for Halloween and not report back on the sports themed costume that I saw did you? Sure I love the slutty “insert anything” costumes that most girls wear but at some point those all just blur together. I’m more of a fan of originality, quality work, and flawless execution. I went to a dope bar called Public House (highly recommend if you are ever in Chicago) where some people definitely stepped their game up. Here’s the best, worst, and everything in between that I saw relating to the world of sports.

harlem globetrotters halloween costume

Considering sports takes up about 102% of my life it was a pretty safe bet that I was going to be rocking a sports themed costume. We put together custom Harlem Globetrotters uniforms (which took about 4 hours to make considering we had to cut out each of the letters and then iron/glue them on) fit with 80’s nut huggers. How Kevin McHale could play 30+ minutes a game and post up Tree Rollins in these tiny shorts I have no clue. I felt like I was going to sport sidenut every time I took a step.

duncan keith halloween costume

This guy was rocking a Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks jersey but didn’t seem to have much else put together. Kinda weak but I am really jonesing for some NHL action right now so I’ll let it slide. Duncan Keith embodies everything about why I love hockey.

hot girls wrestling costume

The award for the best costume of the night goes to these four lovely ladies that did the best rendition of WWF wrestlers that I’ve ever seen. You’ve got Rowdy Roddy Piper, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, and The Macho Man Randy Savage. Sure it helps that these chicks are hot but look at the quality of the costumes they put together. It’s top notch. I’d only expect to see dudes rocking a WWF themed costume so this pretty much blew my mind.

bad derrick rose halloween costume

Weak attempt at a Derrick Rose costume. Bad costume + not slutty = not good for Halloween. If you were going to just mail in your costume why didn’t you just go as DeSean Jackson?

funny lance armstrong halloween costume

I knew someone was going to do it and here’s the one guy (yes only one, which was kind of surprising) that did the Lance Armstrong “LiveWrong” getup. What I liked best about the costume was the upside down Nike logo. If you look closely on the bib you’ll see that he really parodies this up with the 001, testicle, and “I am the uniballer”. You stay classy Lance Armstrong Halloween costume guy.

white dream team players halloween costume

This is the start of my second favorite group costume of the night. These four Hoopsters went as white players from the 1992 Olympic Dream Team. These were sewn on high quality authentic jerseys with shorts so not only was the idea super creative but the execution was flawless.

john stockton team usa halloween costume

Here’s John Stockton working on his pick and roll.

chris mullin team usa halloween costume

Chris Mullin talking about how he loves flat top haircuts, shooting three’s, and St John’s basketball.

larry bird team usa halloween costume

Larry Bird talking trash like only Larry the Legend can do.

christian laettner team usa halloween costume

Christian Laettner still being left out of the action.

awesome derrick rose halloween costume

This is how you do a Derrick Rose costume. He nailed it.

ref halloween costume

The obligatory NFL ref costume. Pretty hard to mess up. They would have received some bonus points had they gone specially as Ed Hochuli and Mike Carey.

mike ditka halloween costume

This is probably the most popular costume in Chicago every year and I’m totally OK with it. Who doesn’t love them some Mike Ditka? Did you know that Mike Ditka was drafted in the first round in both the NFL and AFL draft in 1961?

adam banks mighty ducks halloween costume

This is not the first Adam Banks jersey that we’ve seen but it is the first non-tshirt jersey. This guy had good intentions but poor execution. If you are going to rock a costume that you know people will love then don’t half ass it. Do it up like the Dream Team Hoopsters did and go all out. I would sure like to get Adam Banks thoughts on the current NHL lockout as I can’t imagine that he’s very happy. Quack! Quack! Quack!

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