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Steve Tasker Bills Jersey

Written By: / 11.21.11 / Comments


steve tasker jerseyThey must have been sold out of Don Beebe jerseys

Steve Tasker Bills Jersey

Wow factor of the jersey: for Bills fans a 4 out of 10. You’ll see more jerseys of Bills players from the 90′s than you will present day players for the Bills being worn. For the rest of the sports world an 8.5 out of 10.

Steve Tasker was best known for his play on special teams, not as a return man but as the gunner. Typically special teams players are the worst players on the team (unless you consider Phillip Rivers recently). Somehow Tasker found his niche and was awesome at it. There were some grumblings about him being a snub for the Hall of Fame┬ábut we don’t buy his case. He just wasn’t on the field enough to warrant consideration. Regardless, kudos to this Bills fan for rocking this Tasker jersey. At best he may have been the sixth best player on the team (after Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Darryl Talley) but he was definitely number one in fans hearts.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

Sports loving doer living in Chicago who is awesome most of the time, has run with the bulls in Spain, and is a graduate of Second City's Improv program.
Rob Cressy


Sports comedy that fuses together pop culture, nostalgia and a love of jerseys. Throwing our 2nd Annual @BaconSportsBeer Celebration on Sat, August 23.
Rob Cressy


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