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Terribly Awesome Cards: Yo! MTV Raps

In 1991 before The Chronic debuted, there was an even more famous Doctor Dre co-hosting a television show with Ed Lover. Back when the “M” in MTV was actually relevant, […]

Terribly Awesome Card: Bo Jackson

This 1990 Bo Jackson card broke the laws of supply and demand, similar to the way Bo shattered bats over his head or his knee. Despite being available in abundance at […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Mike LaValliere

Mike LaValliere kept the MLB dream alive for chubby little leaguers across the Burgh. Nicknamed “Spanky” for his resemblance to the Little Rascals character, he managed to get more out […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Jay Baller

If Jay Baller was not the inspiration behind the character Kenny Powers from HBO’s East Bound and Down, he may as well have been. He clearly had the look for […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Sean Miller

This Sean Miller basketball card has all the hallmarks of 1990s white guy basketball high fashion. Let’s start from top to bottom with Miller’s non-descript haircut and clean-shaven face, lest anyone […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Brian Bosworth

Brian Bosworth aka “The Boz” looks like the product of a gene splicing concoction that is one part Joe Dirt and two parts Ivan Drago. Like Drago, Bosworth had no […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: World B. Free

To the youngsters out there, know your history. Chad Ocho Cinco’s got nothing on World B. Free, and Metta World Peace is just a cheap Xerox copy. Before those two […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Bill Belichick

I was quickly rifling through my card collection and had to do a double take. How did Chevy Chase find his way onto one of my football cards? Other than […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Steve Largent

After a preseason trade in his rookie year, Steve Largent was an original member of the inaugural Seattle Seahawks team. There he remained for his 13 productive NFL seasons, followed […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Fennis Dembo

Fennis Dembo has one of the all-time best basketball names. Fennis and his twin sister Fenise were the 11th and 12th children in the Dembo family. Their sister Zona suggested […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Sam Vincent

“When You See It…” At first glance, there is nothing terribly awesome about this. It is a card featuring Sam Vincent, a middling NBA role player that any collector would […]

Frank Viola Sets Off Creepdar Alarms

Every baseball card tells a story. This Frank Viola Dream Team one tells a story of Halloween night 1991. You knock on your reclusive neighbor’s door. “Trick or treat, Mr. […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Tommy Lasorda

Don’t let that smile fool you. Tommy Lasorda was a loveable mob boss of a manager that wouldn’t hesitate to tear reporters a new asshole with language that would leave […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Tommy John

With the expression on his face, it looks like Tommy John is undergoing Tommy John surgery as this photo for his baseball card was taken. Much like Lou Gehrig’s Disease, […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Eric Dickerson

Eric Dickerson was wearing turtlenecks way before Steve Jobs, and he was the NFL’s rec specs ambassador. The MLB and NBA had their own rec specs ambassadors in Chris Sabo […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Frank Viola

“We’ll grab a rubdown after. C’mon, get undressed. It’s on me. Why do you think those Russian leaders live so long? They take a schvitz everyday. Take your clothes off!” […]

Terribly Awesome Football Card: Ricky Proehl

I love the bugs-eye camera angle in this card photo that makes it look like Ricky Proehl is soaring through the air in a white-boy version of the Nike Jumpman […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Tom Henke

The design of this awesome 1988 Topps All-Star Tom Henke card reminds me of the floating head effect in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, and Tom Henke could definitely pass for a creepy […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Ron Piche

After Ron Piche got done smelling this fart, he went on to have a successful television career hosting Loveline and The Man Show.

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Keith Comstock

Where is Bob Saget when you need him? This fan submission of Keith Comstock’s minor league card is the only card I’ve seen that looks like a still photo version […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Luis Aquino

If you look closely at Luis Aquino’s Mr. T starter kit, one of the charms says “Tony.” Before your gaydar starts going haywire, I’ve done the research and found that […]

Terribly Awesome Baseball Card: Rollie Fingers

As I write more and more of these posts, it is becoming evident that there is a clear checklist of what makes a Terribly Awesome Card. There are rare exceptions, […]

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