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Don’t Get Between This Woman and Her McDonald’s Bacon

From the bacon crime files, a Michigan woman was sentenced to 3-7 years in prison because McDonald’s employees forgot to put bacon on her burger. Twice. When they disrespected her like that […]

Watch This Woman Eat Five Pounds of Bacon in Five Minutes

Competitive eater, Molly Schuyler, set a world record by eating five pounds of bacon in the short time of five minutes and 2.1 seconds. Here’s the video.   Absolute savage. […]

By God This Bacon Stanley Cup Is Beautiful

Move over Kate Upton because there’s a sizzlin’ new hottie in town and it goes by the name of the Bacon Stanley Cup! Gigantic shout out to BarBrutus for what is the […]

Tailgating Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Avocado

Like we do every Friday, our friends at have got a bacon tailgating recipe that you can add to your arsenal that’ll have you wondering how you ever lived without […]

Inside Out BLT Recipe

Like we do every Friday our friends at have got a bacon recipe that you can add to your arsenal that’ll have you wondering how you ever lived without it. […]

Throne of Bacon Kickstarter

For all of you out there that like fun, awesomeness, and bacon then the Throne of Bacon Kickstarter is for you! Picture a throne from He-Man and instead of skulls and […]

Saying Sorry With Bacon

Nothing helps mend fences like bacon. It’s life’s solution to any situation. Hungry? Bacon. Sad? Bacon. You slapped your friend in the face twice when you were drunk? Bacon. Based on […]

Your Dog Needs A Bacon Bubble Machine

Dogs know how delicious bacon is. Open a package of Beggin Strips and your four legged friend is likely to go into some sort of holy ghost explosion of bacon excitement. […]

Enormous Pizza Bloody Mary

Hungover as hell after a long football weekend where you got after it like Wilt Chamberlain at an orgy? Then this enormous pizza Bloody Mary is your cure. It is everything […]

Nacho Doritos Battered Bacon Recipe

Bacon and Nacho Doritos are two of life’s greatest foods and staples of any tailgate. Combine them and you’ve got a taste orgy that can take your football watching experience to a whole […]

Supermarket Sweep Bacon Thief

Remember Supermarket Sweep? The highlight of the show was the “Big Sweep” where contestants would ransack the store like it was doomsday. To this day I imagine what I would grab if […]

Guinness BBQ Sauce Glazed Bacon

How does Guinness BBQ Sauce Glazed Bacon sound to you? Amazing, I know. Guinness + Bacon is a combination almost as good as Bacon and Sports. We want to make […]

Bacon Breakdancing

Bacon breakdancing. I can get down with that. You know who else is down with bacon breakdancing? Nick Offerman (aka Ron Swanson). We all know his love of bacon but […]

Bacon Used By Crazy Ex To Burn Down House

We’ve all had crazy ex’s in our life but none like my girl Cameo Crispi straight outta Utah. Sure Crispi did the standard crazy texting and “I’m at your house” phone […]

Hormel Black Label Bacon For A Year Winner

Our friends at Hormel Black Label Bacon are pretty awesome. Not only did they give away 72 packages of bacon and  100 coupons for free bacon at the Bacon, Sports & Beer […]

Ron Swanson Bacon Breakfast

Ron Swanson loves bacon so what better way to start your day than by eating a delicious bacon breakfast that looks just like him. With the threat of a bacon shortage […]

Bacon Fueled Motorcycle

Our friends at Hormel Black Label Bacon have built the first bacon fueled motorcycle. As if providing us with delicious bacon wasn’t enough, they messed around and got a triple […]

Everyone Has An Inner Bacon Freak (VIDEO)

Earlier this year Texans RB Arian Foster discovered bacon and now his life is ten million times better. Everyone has an inner bacon freak inside of them but sometimes it takes a while […]

Yuengling Bacon BBQ Sauce: The Holy Grail of Awesomeness

A few days ago, in a grocery store not so far away… It was a time of turmoil. The Penguins had lost Game 7 of the second round of the […]

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Pull-Apart Bread Tailgate Recipe

Ready to step your tailgating game up? This cheesy pull apart bacon ranch bread is a quick, easy recipe that’s is perfect finger food. Recipe Stats Total Time: 25 minutes […]

Bacon Boys: Athletes that would love to replace Gatorade with Bacon

Everybody loves bacon. Seriously, if you’re sippin’ on bacon-flavored hatorade, we have some serious issues to work out here. Bacon, like bread, is a staple. It’s a necessity, not a […]

Bacon Tailgate Recipe: Bacon Jalapeño Cheese Ball

A cheese ball is the perfect appetizer on gameday, and this one features spicy jalapenos and of course bacon. Serve this easy recipe at your next tailgate and impress your […]

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