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Domi-nate Like Father Like Son

I just learned a few things while trying to figure out what in the world is going on with this Domi-Nation jersey: 1. Tie Domi has a son named Max […]

Johnny Manziel: Your Next Cowboys QB

Johnny Manziel missed today’s game vs the Steelers with a concussion but apparently was spotted at a Las Vegas casino last night. Whatever. What do you want him to do, […]

You Stay Classy Philadelphia

Nothing brings a Philadelphia Eagles couple together like a mutual hatred for Chip Kelly. I find it funny that if these two are wearing their custom jerseys separately their jerseys […]

Can You Believe These RGIII Cowboys Jerseys?

At first glance these RGIII Cowboys jerseys gave me the same feeling as when I saw a Lebron Cubs jersey. First there’s mockery. Then there’s bewilderment. But, just like with […]

If You Marry Me I’ll Give You This Awesome jersey

Is there anything more romantic and everlasting then a wedding proposal at a football game? I think not. We’ve all seen halftime engagements and jumbotron engagements, but this Giants fan […]

Someone Please Kick This Jersey Fail In The Nuts

This flexing Dad of a sports fan, who may think he’s hot shit because of his incredible on field access and absurd half RGIII Redskins jersey sewn together with half […]

Your Bon Jovi Jersey Is Lame

Coming to iTunes and a sold out arena near you. The “Your Bon Jovi Jersey is Lame” tour, staring this Seattle Seahawks 12th fan slash Bon Jovi groupie. H/T to […]

Beer Jerseys in the House

Someone please bring a truckload of Miller Lite to Cincinnati because they are going to need it after likely losing Andy Dalton for the season with a fractured thumb in their […]

Willypeg Mania and F’ing Harder

We are heading up north to the CFL for this crew of custom jerseys. Let’s start with the Willypeg jersey. Apparently Willypeg is a shoutout to Winnipeg Blue Bombers QB Drew Willy, […]

Trolling a Texans Troll

Time to troll Papa Troll #69. This Texans troll is thirstier for attention than JJ Watt. The difference being that JJ Watt can get laid on a regular basis. The only thing more […]

Screw You Joe Paterno & Penn State

The great thing about yinzers is because they often thwart social and fashion norms in the name of sports fandom they occasionally will come up with an offensive gem that […]

Oh What A Night: Steelers, Cubs, & Steve Spurrier

Oh what an amazing 24 hours it’s been in the world of sports! On the 11th episode of Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports with Rob Cressy, I dish about the Steelers […]

You Stay Classy Chicago

The custom jerseys game has exploded (as we’ve well documented over the years) and it’s gotten to the point where nothing will surprise me. Instead I’m more interested in the levels of […]

Mets Fan Trolling Hard in a Bill Buckner Jersey

When I initially saw this Bill Buckner jersey the first thing I thought was what other random jerseys a Mets fan would potentially wear. Considering this game was in Pittsburgh I totally […]

Draft Town Day 2: Outrageous NFL Draft Jerseys & Fans

Day 1 of the NFL Draft in Chicago went hard in the paint and with warmer weather Day 2 crushed. NFL Draft Fans were coming loud and proud with their sports fandom and their jerseys game […]

Draft Town Day 1: Outrageous NFL Draft Fans & Jerseys

The NFL Draft descended upon Chicago and bestowed upon us an orgy of football awesomeness. Myself along with Rachel Brady were at Draft Town all day interacting with all the outrageous, […]

Winnipeg Jets Custom Jersey Ain’t Bringing The Heat

Queue Eddie Guerrero’s Latino Heat theme song because I want to frogsplash this Filipino Heat Winnipeg Jets custom jersey.   Kudos to the Winnipeg Jets for playing in a playoff game in […]

Mets Fan Shows Love For Mary Jane With 420 Jersey

Happy 4/20 Stoners. To celebrate this weed holiday I’ve got a double-header of stoney goodness. Up first is Mentz, the weed loving Mets fan who’s decision making skills are even […]

Opening Night at Wrigley 2015: the Perfect Storm of Awesomeness

One of the things that I love so much about living in Chicago is the sports. It is the greatest sports city in the nation (regardless of if you root for […]

A Jersey For When Your Balls Itch

It seems like I’m shocked on a daily basis at some of the custom jerseys that are sent in (kudos to all of you for sending them in, BTW, keep em […]

Nate Dogg And Warren G Had To Regulate

REGULATORS!!! MOUNT UP! Sports fans custom jerseys game the last few months has been hotter than some brothas shootin dice on 21 and Lewis. None more blazing than this St Louis […]

Leafs Jersey Fail Makes Me Wanna Cry

Poor Toronto Maple Leafs fans. They are the Knicks fans of the North who are crying themselves to sleep on the regular due to the ineptness of their beloved hockey team. […]

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