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Draft Resign Cut – the last three MLB MVP’s

In this edition of Draft Resign Cut I will take a look at three baseball superstars and where they should fall within the spectrum. Needless to say, this was a […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – NFL Playoff Caliber Quarterbacks

The final four quarterbacks left in the NFL playoffs have a clear line dividing them: those that have won a Super Bowl and those who haven’t. For the two that […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – NFL Playoff Virgin QB’s

The NFL playoffs. Four exciting weekends of glued-to-the-seat-of-your-couch, cling-to-a-twelve-pack-of-Miller-Lite, don’t-talk-to-me-until-its-over NFL bliss. The best of the best battle it out for a shot to bring home the coveted title of […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – NBA Superstars

When trying to build a Championship team in the NBA which position matters most? NBA Titles have been won with each position being the focal point of the team so […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – Cleveland Browns QB’s

In the NFL there is no position more important than quarterback. For the Cleveland Browns the last 20+ years haven’t treated them very well at that position. What better way […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – NHL Top Line Guys

When he is healthy Sidney Crosby is clearly the top player in the NHL. After that there is a number of players fighting to be included in the top 10. […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – From High School Straight to the NBA

All three players jumped straight from High School to the NBA and were lottery picks. To say that they didn’t live up to expectations would be like saying that people […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – The Boston Celtics Big 3

Paul Pierce. Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett. I would draft Paul Pierce, resign Kevin Garnett, and cut Ray Allen. With five seconds left and the game on the line Paul Pierce […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – Never Won an NBA Title

Charles Barkey. Karl Malone. Patrick Ewing We would draft Karl Malone, resign Charles Barkley, and cut Patrick Ewing. These three players are about as equal as it comes. You can […]

Draft. Resign. Cut. – Solid Role Players Edition

Doug Christie. Bruce Bowen. Derek Fisher. We would draft Bruce Bowen, resign Doug Christie, and cut Derek Fisher. Bruce Bowen has always been known as a defensive stopper. He was […]

Draft. Resign. Cut.

There is a game call “F*ck, Marry, Kill” where you are given the choice of three people and you have to choose one for each person. In case you aren’t […]

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