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5 Levels Of Hoopster Jerseys You’ll See At Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is this weekend, which is the random jersey Olympics where hoopsters go HAM. If you are a hoopster and want to peacock those feathers then this is the place […]

Real or Fake: Comprehensive Guide to Buying Jerseys

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to buying jerseys. A resource you can use to make sure you know if a jersey is real or fake. According to Urban Dictionary, “A […]

Can you Spot a Real vs Fake Jersey? Take our Jersey Quiz and Find Out

Last week, I gave you all the ammo you need to be a smart jersey shopper in today’s counterfeit-filled world. I hope you did your homework because no class is […]

Top 5 Jerseys for Hoopster Women

Happy Thursday Jersday! Since we’ve started giving female sports fans a voice and celebrating them with our #imaunicorn campaign, I thought I’d focus on a small, but awesome group of ladies […]

Hoopster Nation 15: Lollapalooza

The Hoopster Nation crew dishes about the amazing jerseys they saw at Lollapalooza 2014. Shout out to all hoopsters that went super hard in the paint with their Lollapalooza jersey game. Don’t forget […]

Friday Of Lollapalooza Jerseys

Lollapalooza is the Hoopster Olympics. It’s the the weekend where you bring out your best or most random jersey and peacock those feathers. This year sports fans took their jersey game […]

Hoopster Nation 14: Lollapalooza Jerseys

The Hoopster Nation crew dishes about the jerseys they are rocking at Lollapalooza, the acts they are looking forward to seeing, and the jersey trends of the summer. If you are at Lollapalooza […]

115 Hoopster Jerseys From Lollapalooza 2013

Here’s a look back at all 115 jerseys we captured hoopsters rocking over the three days at Lollapalooza 2013. No words. Just awesome jerseys. Enjoy.

Best Jerseys From Pitchfork Fest 14

Pitchfork Fest in Chicago is as hipster as music fests get. High waisted jean shorts and still using typewriters are the standard here. Despite all this the jersey game here […]

Now That’s A Fab 5 Jersey

When your Austin Croshere jersey is in the wash the next best option is to grab your Jalen Rose Pacers jersey. I captured this bad boy at Pitchfork Fest last weekend […]

Don’t Fake The Funk On A Nasty East Bay Funk Dunk

Kudos to this hoopster for rocking an Isaiah Rider Timberwolves jersey. It’s more rare than a Baby Jordan Heat jersey yet memorable enough to get you plenty of dap. The NBA needs […]

Custom and Random jerseys from the past 2 weeks

It’s been two weeks since the last random jersey recap. We’ve been busy as a mo fo planning this Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration so our apologies. We’ll try and […]

Mets Milf Hunter 69 jersey takes first place this week

If I was ranking the quality of the random jerseys that all of you capture and send in every week I’d say it’s about at Anna Kournikova hotness level. Each […]

Kerry Kittles, the Mets Milf Hunter, and Peerless Price headline the best random jerseys from the weekend

Football is back and that means that a whole new crop of random jerseys are back in circulation. By all means this doesn’t mean that the jerseys are new, if […]

Obama, Kenny Powers, and Fletch all make this week’s random jersey sightings

It’s Thursday Jerzday Hulkamaniacs! Because of the long holiday weekend and us OD’ing on college football and fantasy drafts we got a bit behind and weren’t able to get out […]

Top 3 random jersey sightings from the past week

It was a light week for random jersey sightings in terms of volume but the quality was still there. Because football is back there is a new crop jerseys in […]

George Costanza, Rik Smits, and an NFL bust headline this weekend’s Jerseys

Right now is an exciting time for random jersey connoisseurs. There is a confluence of hoopsters rocking jerseys, fantasy football drafts going on, plus preseason NFL football. That means that […]

Apparently rocking a President on your custom jersey is the new thing

After seeing the jerseys that were sent in over the weekend I was a little worried. The quantity was most certainly there, and there were definitely a few that were […]

Cubs fans once again rocking absurd jerseys plus Hoopsters doing their thing

Freaking Cubs fans. I know that they’ve got a certain reputation for not giving a crap but holy smokes Batman. We captured two more random jerseys that add fuel to […]

Two Level 5 jerseys that will blow your mind win this week’s Thursday Jerzday

Happy Thursday Jerzday! Earlier in the week we dropped a double edition of random jersey sightings as we had to make up for missing a week because of Lollapalooza. Yinz […]

Acie Law IV Headlines the Best Jerseys from the Weekend

After the three day bender that was Lollapalooza we got a little behind on our weekly Thursday Jerzday recap. Who can blame us, we captured 115 different jerseys and afterwards were […]

Best Hoopster Jerseys from Day 3 of Lollapalooza

Day 3 of Lollapalooza is like Sunday of a Major. It’s the hardest and most grueling but has the potential to be the best. We’ve got a crapton of jerseys […]

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