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Hoopster Nation 16: Bobby Hurley Jerseys, Sizing & Our 2015 Purchases

The Hoopster Nation crew dishes about the jerseys they’ve purchased so far in 2015, the proper size to wear, and the merits of rocking a Bobby Hurley jersey. Jerseys talked about include […]

SEC Better At Unintentional Jerseys Humor Too

SEC football is better at everything including unintentional jersey humor. On it’s own “Fish Fry” spelled out in jerseys is good, but if that guy in the middle could have […]

1972 Dolphins fan looking obnoxious as hell

If you rooted for the only NFL franchise to ever have an undefeated season (1972 Dolphins) how do you think you’d react? I think it gets broken down two ways depending […]

Say Hell-Naw to this Custom Bengals Jersey

Vontaze Burfict custom Bengals jersey Aw Naw Hell Naw boy y’all been up and done it with this customized Vontaze Burfict Bengals jersey. Maybe this Skyline chili eating, Nappy Roots […]

Hooters Girls and Jon Gruden Star in a Commercial

These Hooters jerseys are more than a mouthful and are from a commercial staring Jon Gruden. I have to commend Jon Gruden on his choice of slutting himself out for the almighty […]

G Force Era Wilboning in Packerland

What we have here is a customized Aaron Rodgers jersey that is giving dap to something called G Force. My initial reaction was that he was giving a shout out […]

Most Felonious Lineup Of NFL Jerseys

You aren’t going to find a more felonious lineup of NFL jerseys than this crew is rolling with here. It takes an extra special group of friends to get together and […]

How To Wear A Custom Jersey Like A Yinzer

Yinzers. They love Pittsburgh sports, Primanti Bros sandwiches, and Iron City beer. I am a yinzer. I grew up in the Burgh and have a Steelers tattoo on my ribs. What […]

WTF is this Custom Jersey?

I have no clue what the hell this Browns/49ers custom jersey is. At first glance I thought it was a combination of a Nick Mangold Browns and LaMichael James 49ers […]

Obnoxious Packers Fan Custom Jersey

Congratulations to this Packers fan for letting the rest of the world know how obnoxious and homer they are by rocking this Shareholder custom jersey. We all get it, you […]

Opposite of a Mike Nugent Bengals Jersey

Shout out to this Bengals fan for going next level and rocking a Burfection custom jersey. The custom jersey game we’ve seen this year has been top notch and I dig his […]

Name this Dr Pepper Football Commercial Team

We just started a new jersey category called #tvjersey where we capture the best generic and random jerseys seen on TV and in commercials. In this Dr Pepper football commercial, an Erin Andrews […]

TV Jerseys: A New Jersey Category

We are starting a new jersey category for all of you to look out for and it comes in the form of TV jerseys. Jerseys are everywhere and I’ve noticed […]

Hide From Deer or Cheer on Your Team in This Jersey

Do you want a jersey that goes well with a shotgun or in the shotgun? Then you my friend are in luck. Say hello to a camo Ben Roethlisberger Steelers jersey. Available […]

Best Custom Jerseys From NFL Week 5

This weekend we had a good amount of ridiculous custom jerseys spotted at NFL stadiums. The bar has been raised and jersey enthusiasts and sports fans have responded with a combination […]

Welsey Walls Come Crumblin Crumblin

Ole Miss just retired Wesley Walls jersey this past weekend so what better way to give him dap than to rock his Panthers jersey to the Panthers/Bears game. I don’t know […]

Straight Titans Homey

Nothing says Tennessee Titans football like Randy Moss and the 8 games he played there in 2010. In those eight games Straight Cash Homey had only 6 catches for 80 yards. […]

Comprehensive Guide to Jerseys

We love us some random jerseys. Jerseys represent sports fandom, and there will always be a never ending cycle of good, bad, custom, and everything in between to allow you […]

Wilboning In A White Sox Jersey

Michael Wilbon would be proud of this South Sider opting to tuck his Mike Caruso White Sox jersey into his jeans. We call that Wilboning. With the disheveled 80’s hair […]

Alfred Morris FAU Jersey is A-OK

Captain Lou Albano in the house rocking an Alfred Morris FAU jersey. It looks like Captain Lou is stealing electricity and telling us that it’s OK. Shout out to his leg […]

Real or Fake: Comprehensive Guide to Buying Jerseys

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to buying jerseys. A resource you can use to make sure you know if a jersey is real or fake. According to Urban Dictionary, “A […]

Can you Spot a Real vs Fake Jersey? Take our Jersey Quiz and Find Out

Last week, I gave you all the ammo you need to be a smart jersey shopper in today’s counterfeit-filled world. I hope you did your homework because no class is […]

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