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Bill Goldberg Bout To Spear Mark Richt

I bet Bill Goldberg was raging last week as Georgia was flirting with crapping themselves against an inferior Tennessee squad. Mark Richt just doesn’t make it easy on anyone, especially gamblers laying the […]

Pete Rose: Expos Legend

The Washington Nationals are the top seed in the National League playoffs and I’d like to think that it is partly because of Pete Rose’s time with the Montreal Expos. […]

How Many Beers Does It Take To Overcome A Loss To The Buccaneers?

After watching the Steelers pathetic performance against the Buccaneers on Sunday I’m going to need 24 beers to wash away the stink from that game. Ike Taylor rocks #24 but […]

Is This A Derek Jeter Pirates Jersey?

Last night was Derek Jeter night in baseball and with all of America watching he said farewell to Yankees Stadium in the most Jeet’s way possible. All year MLB teams and […]

Rules for Wearing Expired Throwback Jerseys

It’s July 7, 2010. You’re a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, and the jersey selection in your closet consists of an early 90s Mark Price jersey, a Bernie Kosar Browns jersey, a […]

John Wall Wilboning in a Redskins Jersey

Apparently John Wall has a custom Redskins jersey and he thinks it’s a good idea to Wilbon that shit (aka Wilboning – rocking a jersey tucked in). I get that […]

FREDDYKRUGR #69 Will Slice Yo Ass

The creativity of custom #69 NFL jerseys has gone to a whole new pervy level this year. We’ve already captured a Your Mom #69 Steelers jersey to go with a Hope #69 Bears jersey. Now we’ve […]

Bears vs Bills: Best Jerseys and Fans

Yesterday I attended the Bears vs Bills game at Soldier Field. My fiance Rachael, who I’m marrying in less than two weeks, is from Buffalo so what better way to […]

Leon Washington and Mike Ditka Walk Into A Bar

Last night I kicked off the NFL season at wing night at Birdsnest (some of the best wings in Chicago) and I saw history. I’m speaking of course of sitting […]

Kobayashi is ready for some Football!

When Hank Williams Jr asked us if we were ready for some football you know who raised his hand and said “I am!”? Kobayashi, the hot dog devouring Rams fan with […]

How Many Days Of The Year Do The Cubs Suck?

There’s no offseason when it comes to burning Chicago Cubs fans. This Cardinals fan wants everyone to know that the Cubs suck all 365 days of the year. You’ve gotta […]

Best Jerseys from BSB 2.0

At the Bacon, Sports & Beer Celebration we encouraged everyone to rock their most random or best jersey and boy did you deliver. The crop of jerseys were top notch […]

Top 5 Jerseys for Hoopster Women

Happy Thursday Jersday! Since we’ve started giving female sports fans a voice and celebrating them with our #imaunicorn campaign, I thought I’d focus on a small, but awesome group of ladies […]

Your Mom or Nintendo 64?

Who do you think wins this weekend: the yinzer rocking the YOURMOM #69 Steelers jersey or this Super Mario/GoldenEye fan rocking a Nintendo 64 Eagles jersey? Put your vote in […]

What Your NFL Game Day Outfit Says About You

We’re merely a few weeks away from the start of the NFL season, and this football fan is as excited as Rex Ryan at a hotdog eating contest. I’ve already […]

Hoopster Nation 15: Lollapalooza

The Hoopster Nation crew dishes about the amazing jerseys they saw at Lollapalooza 2014. Shout out to all hoopsters that went super hard in the paint with their Lollapalooza jersey game. Don’t forget […]

Friday Of Lollapalooza Jerseys

Lollapalooza is the Hoopster Olympics. It’s the the weekend where you bring out your best or most random jersey and peacock those feathers. This year sports fans took their jersey game […]

Hoopster Nation 14: Lollapalooza Jerseys

The Hoopster Nation crew dishes about the jerseys they are rocking at Lollapalooza, the acts they are looking forward to seeing, and the jersey trends of the summer. If you are at Lollapalooza […]

115 Hoopster Jerseys From Lollapalooza 2013

Here’s a look back at all 115 jerseys we captured hoopsters rocking over the three days at Lollapalooza 2013. No words. Just awesome jerseys. Enjoy.

You Stay Classy Cardinals Fan

Nothing like making a DUI joke on the back of your custom jersey. Sometimes you don’t need to say words to know that someone is a keeper to take home to […]

Best Jerseys From Pitchfork Fest 14

Pitchfork Fest in Chicago is as hipster as music fests get. High waisted jean shorts and still using typewriters are the standard here. Despite all this the jersey game here […]

Now That’s A Fab 5 Jersey

When your Austin Croshere jersey is in the wash the next best option is to grab your Jalen Rose Pacers jersey. I captured this bad boy at Pitchfork Fest last weekend […]

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