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Best Jerseys Hoopsters broke out at our Rock a Jersey party (37 pictures)

On Saturday we threw our first ever Rock a Jersey party at Halligan Bar and the Hoopsters and sports fans of Chicago came hard in the paint. We have a […]

Pittsburgh Pirates Gene Lamont random jersey sighting

Say hello to a walk-off jersey. Anything that I say won’t do justice to how awesome and random/bad this jersey is but I’ll try anyways. For those of you who […]

Hoopster and random jersey sightings on the slopes

Football is over and with it goes the random jerseys that fans rock at bars on Sundays. It’s still colder than your girlfriend after you try and put it in […]

Best random jersey of the year so far – Chris Mills Cavs

Sometimes a random jersey gets sent our way that absolutely floors us. This weekend that happened as our friend Mark Stafford captured this Hoopster rocking a Chris Mills Cavaliers jersey […]

Playoff game fans, Kirk Hinrich’s glasses, and Bo Jackson

Oh what a crazy weekend in sports it was. Like always we look at the world of sports from a different lens and aim to bring you stuff that other […]

Chad Johnson Bengals jersey + duct tape = this Wifebeater jersey

Leave it to Cincinnati Bengals fans to end the season swinging. Instead replacing HER (yes, this is a chick) Chad Johnson jersey with a new one of the second best […]

Random jerseys watch: Chicago Bears double zero me

Sometimes a random jersey is found and it leaves you scratching your head like when Tony Romo threw that game clinching interception late in the 4th quarter vs the Redskins. […]

Best of Bacon: the hottest, dopest, and most random of 2012

2012 was a great year year for Bacon Sports. We went to Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Pitchfork, and the Ryder Cup and captured all the random jerseys and sports goodness that was […]

Random jerseys seen on the street

We’ve got a new batch of random jerseys from the world of football and they do not disappoint. We start things off with a Stefan Logan Pittsburgh Steelers jersey which […]

Best and worst random NFL jerseys found on eBay

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and random NFL jerseys are no exception. We love us some random and bad jerseys and with holiday shopping season in full swing we […]

Freaking Yinzers, they are everywhere!

Yinzers are like seeing 1992’s fashion trends combined with early Internet web design with flashing smiley faces and head to toe black and gold. You are taken back by what […]

Bad jerseys and sports costumes at the Buffalo Turkey Trot

Yesterday was Buffalo’s 117th annual Turkey Trot five mile run and it’s customary for people to dress up in costumes like it’s Halloween. Naturally I was on alert for any random […]

Random jerseys seen on the streets this weekend

Like drunk girls at the bar, the random jerseys that we saw on the streets this weekend came in all different shapes and sizes. There is nothing overly crazy about […]

This weekend in jerseys: the Bears vs Panthers game

I was an eager beaver and despite being out the night before for Halloween I was up early for the Bears vs Panthers game on Sunday. Like I always do […]

Best Sports Halloween Costumes

You didn’t think I could go out and not report back on the best sports Halloween costumes that I saw did you? Sure I love the slutty “insert anything” costumes […]

Step yo game up with this Dominique Wilkins Georgia jersey

Want to really impress a bunch of dudes at a bar (don’t act like you don’t already try to by talking about this killer trade you made in fantasy football […]

We’ve Got a Mike Tomczak Jersey in the house

Bacon Sports regular Gibson Smith captured this Mike Tomczak Chicago Bears jersey while tailgating for last nights Monday Night Football game. Bears fans love to complain about how awful Jay […]

Dwight Coward and Stevey Franchise Jerseys

This past weekend I was in Orlando for one of my girlfriends friends wedding. Lebron must not have been the only one to take his talents to Florida because there […]

Random NFL jerseys spotted from the weekend

This week we are a little light on the jerseys but heavy on the quality. Up first is an oldie but goodie: an Eric Moulds Buffalo Bills jersey. Eric Moulds […]

Random Jerseys from the U

Last weekend was Catholics vs Convicts in Chicago as the Miami Hurricanes were taking on Notre Dame. The U ended up playing about as well Cubs pitching did this year and […]

Random New Orleans Saints jersey belongs in the outhouse

This random jersey picture that was sent in by Eli Oppenheimer has all sorts of sports goodness going on. First, for someone that is such a hardcore fan that he’s willing […]

Best Random NFL jersey of the year

We’ve seen some good NFL jerseys on here so far this year but I believe that this is the best of the crop so far. This Ruben Droughns New York […]

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