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Getting Hyped For NBA All-Star Weekend w/ Meg Ryan from the Atlanta Hawks

The 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend is on the horizon and to celebrate Meg Ryan, VP of Marketing Strategy for the Atlanta Hawks, joins Rob Cressy to give an event by […]

1995-96 Chicago Bulls vs Hollywood Basketball Dream Team

Most basketball enthusiasts consider the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls to be the best team in NBA history. It is hard to argue. They had the best regular season record of all-time […]

5 Ways for Lakers Fans to Cope with the Season Ahead

I’m a hardcore, die-hard Lakers fan. In my lifetime, they’ve won five championships. I’ve been spoiled by their dominance. Then last year happened. When Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are […]

2015 NBA Season Preview

On the 17th episode of Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports with Rob Cressy, Rob give his 2015 NBA Season Preview in the most awesomely random jerseys way possible by rocking […]

Bacon Sports Trivia: NBA Playoffs Edition

This week I celebrate the beginning of the NBA playoffs, where the pressure builds and careers are made. This year there is no shortage of story lines as the Cavs try […]

Blue Chips Movie: Recasting Using Todays NBA players

It is difficult to believe, but it has been almost 20 years since the premier of one of the most memorable sports movies of the 90s, Blue Chips. Being a […]

Non-glamorous NBA players who wore number 35 with pride

Number 35. Kevin Durant is arguably the best player in the NBA wearing this number on his back. Night after night he defies logic and crushes on someone or drains […]

If Ecto Cooler and Surge were NBA Players

At Bacon Sports we like to take you back to a time when all was right and the only thing you had to worry about was picking between Monday Night […]

Greatest NBA Slam Dunk Contest Ever: 1988 or 2000?

Yesterday NBA TV was running an NBA Slam Dunk Contest marathon, which is pretty much porn for a sports degenerate like myself. They showed the 1988 MJ vs Dominique dunk […]

Tall, Average, White NBA Player Explosion!

Earlier this week  John Koncak was our Terribly Awesome Card of the day. It got me thinking about all the tall, average, white NBA players that many of us have […]

From Heat Nation: Thank You LeBron

I needed a night to digest this whole thing, and waking up today I’m still disappointed. However, I am not shocked at LeBron James’s choice to head back to Cleveland. […]

LeBroncast: Cavs Fans Drinking The Kool-Aid

Two Cleveland sports die-hard fans join Rob Cressy to share their euphoria over LeBron James returning to the Cavs on what is our first ever LeBron cast. [powerpress] Don’t forget to subscribe […]

The King is Back: How’s My Ass Taste Miami

The King is back!!! HOLY FREAKING S**T!! It has been two hours since the news broke that the Berlin Wall came down LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. […]

Roy Hibbert App Does Not Disappoint!

Have you ever wanted to carry Roy Hibbert in your pocket? Me too. You now have that opportunity as the Roy Hibbert app was just released. For only $1.99 you can […]

Best Potential Owners For The Clippers

Adam Silver rightfully did what needed to be done with the Donald Sterling disaster and in the process the Clippers are looking for a new owner. I figured I’d help […]

Bros Forever: A Look Back at Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas Relationship

There’s a video going viral on Facebook about a photographer that films a bunch of strangers kissing for the first time. It doesn’t impress me much because back in college […]

Allen Iverson’s Top 10 Plays

Allen Iverson was a boss. There are few if any ballers that were as exciting to watch as him. He had the heart of a warrior, could shake and bake […]

Cedric Ceballos Rapping is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Cedric Ceballos rapping. I like that combination, as I would any athlete + rapper combo. The entertainment factor, good or bad, is usually off the charts. Cedric Ceballos was a […]

Michael Jordan and Danny Ferry Fight

You see many videos of Michael Jordan fighting? Well here’s one for ya. Cleveland Cavaliers forward Danny Ferry thought that he was all that and decided to throw some white […]

32-Player NBA One-on-One Tournament: 2014 Edition

Last year I created a 32-player NBA One-on-One tournament with brackets for All-Star weekend and it was a blast. Who wouldn’t want to see a potential LeBron James vs Kevin Durant […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Bill Laimbeer

Bill Laimbeer was a dick. To take a line from the Sopranos, you didn’t have to like Bill Laimbeer (did anyone?), but you did have to respect him. He always […]

Animated: Who Takes the Bacon- Kevin Durant vs LeBron James

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are on their own island as MVP favorites this year. Both of them want the proverbial bacon and they square off in a PTP’er matchup […]

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