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Pens Win The Stanley Cup & Super Yinzer

The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup and I am soaring in yinzer bliss. I had to lay down my thoughts on the entire series, the Pens Stanley Cup run, the players, and all […]

Yinzcast: Steelers vs Broncos

On the latest Yinzcast Rob Cressy is joined by fellow yinzer and Bacon Sports writer Rebecca Ramos as they dish about the upcoming Steelers vs Broncos Divisional playoff game. They talk about […]

Screw You Joe Paterno & Penn State

The great thing about yinzers is because they often thwart social and fashion norms in the name of sports fandom they occasionally will come up with an offensive gem that […]

Yinzing In Steelers Jerseys

Yinzers are always gonna yinz. That is never more evident than at Steelers games where between the empty bottles of IC Light (aka River Water), Primanti Bros sandwiches, and Terrible […]

Yinzin’ in Italia

As a Pittsburgh sports fan and born yinzer, I’m always looking for slices of the Burgh in whatever city I’m in. I once found a dude wearing a Kordell Stewart […]

Best Pirates Jerseys – Cole vs Kershaw

This past weekend I was in Pittsburgh getting my yinzer on. As part of the festivities I was lucky enough to attend the Friday night Pirates vs Dodgers game which […]

Yinzcast: Buccos, Steelers & Jerome Bettis HOF

Rob Cressy & Rebecca Ramos drop an all Pittsburgh sports podcast where they dish about the current state of the Pirates, the AJ Burnett injury & trade deadline moves, Steelers training […]

Yinzcast: a Pittsburgh Sports Podcast

Rob Cressy & Rebecca Ramos drop an all Pittsburgh sports podcast where they dish about the current state of the Pirates plus the Steelers draft. They also discuss the merits of rocking […]

Terribly Awesome Basketball Card: Sean Miller

This Sean Miller basketball card has all the hallmarks of 1990s white guy basketball high fashion. Let’s start from top to bottom with Miller’s non-descript haircut and clean-shaven face, lest anyone […]

Upside Down Mario Lemieux Jersey Fail

Freaking yinzers. You can’t leave them alone with your sister in a Trans-Am and you can’t count on them to properly place the name plate of the savior of Pittsburgh […]

How To Wear A Custom Jersey Like A Yinzer

Yinzers. They love Pittsburgh sports, Primanti Bros sandwiches, and Iron City beer. I am a yinzer. I grew up in the Burgh and have a Steelers tattoo on my ribs. What […]

Hide From Deer or Cheer on Your Team in This Jersey

Do you want a jersey that goes well with a shotgun or in the shotgun? Then you my friend are in luck. Say hello to a camo Ben Roethlisberger Steelers jersey. Available […]

Jeans in the Jaguars Pool and Searching for Top Gun

Pop quiz: it’s mid-80’s and sunny outside in Jacksonville and you’re attending the Jaguars vs Steelers game. What do you wear? Well one woman, who I assume has to be the […]

Awesome Pirates Playoff Video

Tonight the Pittsburgh Pirates set off to win a Wild Card home game for the second consecutive year and I’m so excited that Bob Costas should feel these nipples. creates some pretty […]

Yeti Is A Steelers Fan

Yeti was spotted at the Steelers game and it’s good to know that he supports the black and gold. Had Mike Tomlin and Todd Haley known their spineless play calling on 3rd […]

How Many Beers Does It Take To Overcome A Loss To The Buccaneers?

After watching the Steelers pathetic performance against the Buccaneers on Sunday I’m going to need 24 beers to wash away the stink from that game. Ike Taylor rocks #24 but […]

In-Game Karate Kick Hall of Fame

By now you’ve probably seen Antonio Brown’s karate kick to the face of the Browns kicker. Most of the parodies or comparisons I’m seeing involve the Karate Kid. It’s good but […]

Your Mom or Nintendo 64?

Who do you think wins this weekend: the yinzer rocking the YOURMOM #69 Steelers jersey or this Super Mario/GoldenEye fan rocking a Nintendo 64 Eagles jersey? Put your vote in […]

Yinzers rocking most yinzer jerseys ever

Today is like Christmas, New Years, and Donny Iris birthday all rolled into one for yinzers in Pittsburgh. The Pirates are in the playoffs for the first time since 1992 […]

Why everyone should root against the Pittsburgh Pirates

Sports fans from Pittsburgh are obnoxious, loud, love to waive around their Terrible Towels and act all yinzerish, and can be less refined than a can of Iron City beer. […]

Comparing the Jarome Iginla trade to the Penguins to the cast of 90210

Up until late last night, respected sources around the NHL were reporting that Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla had been traded to the Boston Bruins. To my delight, I woke […]

Freaking Yinzers, they are everywhere!

Yinzers are like seeing 1992’s fashion trends combined with early Internet web design with flashing smiley faces and head to toe black and gold. You are taken back by what […]

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