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St. Patrick’s Day: Coat or No Coat?

It’s a magical time of year across the country and especially in Chicago. St. Patrick’s Day Saturday is only days away and I’m excited like waking up to the smell of bacon. […]

3 Things That Happen When You Are A Chick Who Digs Sports

I’m a girl. I love sports. I’m perpetually single. I suspect these three things are related. I know what you’re thinking: A girl who loves sports? That’s perfect. Guys love […]

Rapletes On The Rise: Damian Lillard & Le’Veon Bell

Since the dawn of rap, athletes have felt the magnetic pull toward the microphone. Like moth to flame, it is instinctual. It is eternal. In 2016, the hype continues to […]

Breaking Down The Top Gun Volleyball Scene

The Top Gun volleyball scene where Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Slider play sand volleyball in the scorching heat is possibly the most unrealistic scene in the history of motion pictures. […]

5 Athletes Who Should Rap

The Juice is loose! That’s right, the Chocolate Diamond himself, Mr. Le’Veon Bell, just dropped a mixtape, because that’s what pro athletes do when they have too much money. See: […]

Decision 2016 – Sports Edition

The election is right around the corner, but many voters are finding it difficult to get excited about this sorry set of candidates. Thankfully, our candidates are all current and […]

Willie Beamen vs Cap Rooney in Super Bowl 50

Al Pacino is elated. 17 years after Any Given Sunday, the rival quarterbacks of the Miami Sharks are finally squaring off in an epic Super Bowl showdown. Well, Cam Newton […]

Terribly Awesome Cards: Yo! MTV Raps

In 1991 before The Chronic debuted, there was an even more famous Doctor Dre co-hosting a television show with Ed Lover. Back when the “M” in MTV was actually relevant, […]

Steph Curry: The Next Kazaam?

Steph Curry is taking over the world. Not only is he the best shooter in the NBA, but people who don’t even care about basketball are obsessed with his personal […]

Is Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson The Greatest Ever?

On the fourth episode of Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports Rob Cressy is joined by Tecmo Bowl expert Tom Hamm. They dish about if Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson is the greatest […]

Kanye West National Anthem

Guys! T-Pain sang the National Anthem at the Dodgers game on Monday, without auto-tune, and it was actually pretty good. What is the world coming to? We’ve all seen people […]

5 Most Legit Athletes in Movies

I saw Trainwreck this weekend and was shocked by an emaciated LeBron. Then I realized he was in the midst of his paleo phase, so I was able to focus […]

5 Athletes I Want to See on Celebrity Jeopardy

Unless you’re my mom or that girl in the office who wears cat sweaters and brings wheat grass shakes for lunch, you probably heard about Aaron Rodgers dominating this week’s […]

Hardee’s Debuts Bacon Flavored Napkin

St. Louis, MO – Always looking to raise the bar on taste excellence and customer satisfaction, Hardee’s has debuted a bacon flavored napkin to record-setting results. “Our customers come to […]

Bill Simmons Leaving ESPN & Forming His Own nWo

On Friday ESPN announced they will not be renewing Bill Simmons contract, ending a great run that saw him launch his Sports Guy column, Grantland, and the 30 for 30 series […]

5 MLB Players I Want on My Dodgeball Team

In the immortal words of Patches O’Houlihan, the only way to become a dodgeball champion is to “learn the five d’s of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!” Patches, […]

Aaron Rodgers: The Taylor Swift of Sports

Taylor Swift is a paradox. On one hand, everyone wants to hate her for being an overexposed, seemingly self-obsessed berserk princess. On the other hand, we can’t help but love […]

9-Man Baseball Movies Starting Lineup

Baseball movies are the best. Seriously, I dare you to name one baseball movie that sucks. Fine, “Summer Catch” happened, but other than that, there are very few black marks […]

What to Do When You Have a Pro Athlete Sighting

If you live in a major U.S. city, and you’re not bed-ridden, chances are you’ve spotted a pro athlete out and about. If you live in Vegas, and you have […]

Blue Chips Movie: Recasting Using Todays NBA players

It is difficult to believe, but it has been almost 20 years since the premier of one of the most memorable sports movies of the 90s, Blue Chips. Being a […]

5 Athlete Fragrances I’d Love To See

I’ve been thinking, if McConaughey gets to parade around in Lincoln commercials, flicking glasses and waiting until the rain stops so he can drive away in is old man car, […]

Charlie Conway and Johnny Moxon Fight for The Joey Potter Cup

In the small, insular world of Capeside, Massachusetts, there was never a real emphasis on sports. Sure, Jack made some waves as one of the first openly gay high school […]

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