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Rapletes On The Rise: Damian Lillard & Le’Veon Bell

Since the dawn of rap, athletes have felt the magnetic pull toward the microphone. Like moth to flame, it is instinctual. It is eternal. In 2016, the hype continues to […]

147: The Awesomeness of Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal is being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame so we decided to give The Diesel his proper respect by doing a Shaqcast, an all Shaquille O’Neal podcast. […]

142: Master P NBA Jersey, Counterfeit Jerseys & Rare VNTG

Casey Pitocchelli from Rare Vntg joins the Hoopster Nation podcast to talk about his Master P NBA jersey, how counterfeit jerseys have flooded the market, where his love of jerseys […]

141: Athletes I Wanna See Rap Podcast

On the heels of Le’Veon Bell dropping a mixtape I had to have Bacon Sports writer Rebecca Ramos join the podcast to talk about her 5 Athletes Who Should Rap article. We […]

5 Athletes Who Should Rap

The Juice is loose! That’s right, the Chocolate Diamond himself, Mr. Le’Veon Bell, just dropped a mixtape, because that’s what pro athletes do when they have too much money. See: […]

Obama Rapping Jumpman on Behalf of Andre Drummond

I love athletes that rap and I love creative NBA All-Star game videos used to drum up votes. Well Andre Drummond just won my vote with this Baraka Obama rapping […]

Terribly Awesome Cards: Yo! MTV Raps

In 1991 before The Chronic debuted, there was an even more famous Doctor Dre co-hosting a television show with Ed Lover. Back when the “M” in MTV was actually relevant, […]

Kobe Bryant Rapping: A.W.F.U.L.

At the turn of the century, it seemed like everyone was a fan of Kobe Bryant, the NBA’s heir apparent to MJ. That is until we heard the horrific news […]

Sports Weekend Got Me Like Whoa

On the 16th episode of Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports with Rob Cressy, Rob channels his inner Black Rob with a new segment called Like Whoa where he dishes about […]

Raplete Review: Los Angeles Rams Ram It

Ram It by the 1986 Los Angeles Rams is the raplete equivalent of Sugarhill Gang’s Rappers Delight. This old school trade-off rap has timeless appeal. Sure, it was not the […]

Nelly Celebrates National (Country) Grammar Day

Today is National Grammar Day so naturally the first thing that popped in my head was Nelly’s hit Country Grammar. I used to get down to this song and even […]

Nate Dogg And Warren G Had To Regulate

REGULATORS!!! MOUNT UP! Sports fans custom jerseys game the last few months has been hotter than some brothas shootin dice on 21 and Lewis. None more blazing than this St Louis […]


As the Bacon Sports resident rap guru, I feel obligated to weigh in on the Inside the NBA rap cypher that went down two weeks ago. Special guest Nicki Minaj […]

Tony Parker Rap Breakdown

In 2007, Tony Parker was on top of the game. The Frenchmen was living the American dream in the NBA making boatloads of cash. He had already won two championships […]

Raplete Review: Chris Webber

Timeout. Chris Webber put out a rap album? In 1999 under the name C. Webb, Chris Webber released his debut and only rap album 2 Much Drama. Webber was playing […]

Dancing, Rapping, Schoolboy Q and Pitchfork 2014

This is a recap of the fun and awesomeness we experienced at Pitchfork 2014. There was plenty of dancing, rapping, making friends, and getting down (per usual).

Shaq Rapping: I Know I Got Skillz

Shaq has always been a bit of a lovable clown and his rap career has plenty of cheesy moments to support that reputation. Even so, Shaq belongs near the top […]

Raplete Power Rankings: The Best Athlete Rappers

RAPPER + ATHLETE = RAPLETE Since the days of MTV’s Rock N’ Jock, rappers have wanted to be athletes and athletes have wanted to be rappers. A rapper may have […]

Cedric Ceballos Rapping is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Cedric Ceballos rapping. I like that combination, as I would any athlete + rapper combo. The entertainment factor, good or bad, is usually off the charts. Cedric Ceballos was a […]

Freestyle Rapping in a Cab to Cashin’ Out

This is how we turn a cab ride into a rap concert. Nothing like freestyling to some Cashin’ Out. If you missed the first time we did this you can […]

Freestyle Rapping in a Cab Like a Boss

Bet you’ve never seen a cab ride like this before. We go hard in the paint and have fun in everything that we do and taking a cab is no […]

Rapping the hottest sports topics from the week

We are trying something new where every week we are going to have my man G.Hunt rap about some of the hottest topics in the world of sports. This week […]

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