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Future of Bacon Sports + Inspiring 1 Million People

In this super candid episode, Bacon Sports Founder Rob Cressy talks about the future of Bacon Sports plus his goal of inspiring 1 million people to live the life they […]

What’s Wrong With The Sports Media Landscape?

The sports media landscape is on shaky ground right now. Publishers are laying off employees and the paths to monetization aren’t as easy as they were five years ago. Rob […]

Inside The Life Of A Sports Content Creator

Dave Schmulenson, aka The Schmo, joins Rob Cressy to talk about the life of a sports content creator. Many people dream of working in sports but so few get the […]

Jersey Bracket Challenge Sweet 16 Talk (Ep 226)

The Jersey Bracket Challenge has hit the Sweet 16 and some of the matchup’s have been incredible. Rob Cressy is joined by Hoopstergram’s Tom Phillips to talk about each of the jerseys […]

Shaquem Griffin’s Marketability

Shaquem Griffin lit up the NFL combine and is the talk of the league. Inflcr CEO Jim Cavale joins Rob Cressy to talk about Shaquem Griffin’s marketability. Griffin, who played […]

Jersey Bracket Challenge Update & Discussion (Ep 225)

Now that the Jersey Bracket Challenge is in motion it’s time to get this party started. Rob Cressy is joined by jersey aficionado Gibson Smith to talk about his entries for the […]

Chad Millman On The Action Network Launch, Impact of Bob Scucci & Legalized Sports Betting

Chad Millman, Head of Media for The Action Network, joins Rob Cressy to talk about the launch of The Action Network, building it on a subscription model, the impact of […]

How The Atlanta Hawks Are Using Technology To Elevate The Fan Experience

Professional sports teams that use technology to help elevate the fan experience are the ones who are winning. Meg Ryan, VP of Marketing Strategy for the Atlanta Hawks, joins Rob […]

Jersey Bracket Challenge – Send In Your Jerseys (Ep 224)

We are running a Jersey Bracket Challenge and want you to send in your best and most random jerseys. Rob Cressy is joined by Bacon Sports Co-Director of Content Tom Pellegrino to […]

Be Bold & Fail Fast w/ Meg Ryan from the Atlanta Hawks

One of the foundational elements of the Atlanta Hawks marketing ethos is to Be Bold & Fail Fast. Meg Ryan, VP of Marketing Strategy for the Atlanta Hawks, joins Rob […]

Getting Hyped For NBA All-Star Weekend w/ Meg Ryan from the Atlanta Hawks

The 2018 NBA All-Star Weekend is on the horizon and to celebrate Meg Ryan, VP of Marketing Strategy for the Atlanta Hawks, joins Rob Cressy to give an event by […]

NBA Trade Deadline + Jerseys (Ep 223)

The NBA trade deadline resulted in a flurry of activity, from Blake Griffin going to the Pistons to the Cavs blowing up their entire team. Rob Cressy is joined by Hoopstergram’s Tom […]

Make Amazing Sh!t with Mike Mikho

Mike Mikho, CMO of Cycle + Laundry Service, joins Rob Cressy to talk about content creation and fan engagement. One of Cycle’s motto’s is “Make Amazing Sh!t”, so what can […]

How To Be Successful By Standing Out

Different wins, and nothing beats attention. Rob Cressy is joined by Jesse Cole, the owner of the Savannah Bananas and author of Find Your Yellow Tux, to talk about how […]

LeBron To The Warriors & The Super Bowl Is Overrated

The sports world is losing their mind over the thought of LeBron James going to the Warriors. On the latest Bacon Sports podcast Rob Cressy dishes about why he is […]

Forward-Thinking Content Strategies

There have never been more opportunities to increase attention and engagement using content than right now. Rob Cressy is joined by Sports 1 Marketing CEO David Meltzer as they dish […]

Keys To Successful Sports Sponsorships

How do you create successful sports sponsorships? Rob Cressy is joined by Sports 1 Marketing CEO David Meltzer as they dish about the keys to successful sports sponsorships. What should […]

How Much Does The Super Bowl Location Matter?

Super Bowl 52 is in Minnesota, much to the chagrin of fans, media members, and sponsors who now have to put up with freezing temperatures. Rob Cressy is joined by […]

Should Fan Loyalty Exist In Sports?

Should fan loyalty exist in sports? One school of thought is of course it should. However you were raised or the city you were born in are the teams you […]

The Return Of Brian Cristiano, Growing Bold & Podcast Plans For 2018

The band is back together as Rob Cressy is joined by Bold Worldwide CEO Brian Cristiano as they record their first episode together in over 3 months. In this show […]

Goodbye Pirates: I Am Jumping Ship To The Cubs

On the heels of the Pittsburgh Pirates trading Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen, plus having an ownership group (lead by Bob Nutting) that gives zero craps about their fans and […]

What Can Be Done To Fix The Pro Bowl?

Does anyone actually care about the Pro Bowl? Nope. It’s a shame because there is such a big opportunity to capitalize on so many of the NFL’s best players being […]

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