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BOOMSHAKALAKA! Clippers NBA Jam Day Was On Fire!

The Los Angeles Clippers held NBA Jam Day last Saturday and the promotion was straight fire. Rob Cressy is joined by Cave Social Founder Jordan Scheltgen to talk about using […]

140: Is Steph Curry More Unstoppable Than Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson?

Who is more unstoppable: Steph Curry or Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson? Bacon Sports writer Tom Hamm joins Rob Cressy to break this down matchup of titans. What makes this matchup […]

More Unstoppable: Steph Curry or Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson?

Last night Steph Curry damn near broke Twitter and caused Mike Breen to need a change of pants with one incredible 38-foot shot from WAYYYYYYY DOWNTOWN to beat the Thunder […]

2016 NBA Jam Contest for NBA All-Star Weekend

You know what would be amazing? If during NBA All-Star Weekend Adam Silver added an NBA Jam contest consisting of the top two players from the 16 teams with the […]

Is Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson The Greatest Ever?

On the fourth episode of Bacon Shorts by Bacon Sports Rob Cressy is joined by Tecmo Bowl expert Tom Hamm. They dish about if Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson is the greatest […]

What if you fought NBA players in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?

007-373-5963. For some of you I don’t even need to say what that number represents. Like that sweet tribal tattoo you got in college, it never leaves you. For everyone […]

Top 5 Underrated Sports Video Games

There’s nothing better than firing up the old SEGA Genesis for my favorite game of all-time. That would be NHL ’94, playing as the Pavel Bure and the Canucks, beating […]

2015 NBA All-Star Weekend Two on Two Contest

The NBA needs to take a page from the NHL and make their NBA All-Star weekend more fan friendly and interesting. I dug watching goalies trying to score full length ice goals […]

Best Sports Arcade Games from our Youth

The Bacon, Sports, & Beer Celebration rocked Chicago like nothing the city has seen, and like Rube Baker you better not stand on the tracks when the Bacon Sports train […]

Tecmo Super Bowl: The Best Video Game Ever

Football is back and I am more pumped than listening to Jock Jams on repeat. Football season means a few things to me. Drinking the optimistic kool-aid of your favorite […]

Top 5 Players to Beat the Madden Curse

The 26th version of the Madden Series came out yesterday and with it comes the talk of “the Madden curse.” Since the first Madden was released on the MS-DOS system […]

Blowing into a Nintendo Cartridge: Life’s Solution to Everything

There are many things that I have had no control over in my life. Things mess up, and I try to fix them. Some fixes are easy, while others are […]

Replacing the NBA Slam Dunk contest with an NBA Jam 2 on 2 contest

Yesterday the NBA announced the participants for the 2013 NBA Slam Dunk contest and the selections were as exciting as an episode of Mike and Molly. Unless you are an […]

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