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Terribly Awesome Baseball Cards of the Day: Nolan Ryan



Nolan Ryan, 1991 Pacific Trading Cards

Wow, just wow. I’d like to meet the exec that thought a series of baseball cards showcasing Nolan Ryan stretching would be a good idea. Because that’s what we all want to see, upper old-man thigh on a baseball card. Decisions like this are probably why I never bought a pack of Pacific in my life.

Here’s how you do different Pacific.

Nolan-Ryan-throwing-football-2Now this is a good baseball card idea! It’s different yet still sports related. I can only imagine Nolan could throw a mean spiral and no doubt would have broken a few fingers if he chose football over baseball.

So, break out the Ben-Gay and lather up those creamy hamstrings in honor of Nolan Ryan and this terribly awesome duo of baseball cards.




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