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5 Terribly Awesome Hockey Cards

terribly-awesome-hockey-cards 2Baseball cards have long held the mantle for having some of the most awesomely terrible trading cards. But after a quick search it became obvious that hockey has had its share too. Here are some of my favorite terribly awesome hockey cards:


Leather Jacket? Check. White washed jeans? Check. One leg against the wall? Check. Do I look cool? Yes, the Uncle Jessie look has never been cooler my friend.


Because only the toughest of hockey players in-line skate during the off season. There is an 85% chance that this hockey card is what helped Valery land DJ Tanner as his wife.


Someone must have watched a bit too much Top Gun because who in the hell plays beach volleyball in jean shorts? Apparently former Blackhawk Steve Smith, that’s who.


“Hey Steve, grab that chair. Nice, now turn it backwards. Cool, you ever seen AC Slater on Saved By the Bell? Do that, perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a hockey card.”


Wendel Clark is officially the clubhouse leader in worst mustache to strength ratio. Seriously, we couldn’t find him something bigger than a five pound weight?


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