13 Dude 2 RV South Carolina Road Trip

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Next weekend (Nov 14) myself and 12 sports loving friends will be traveling to Columbia, South Carolina with 2 RV’s and our tailgating shoes as we embark on our annual SEC Road Trip. Last year we threw down at Auburn on the Redhook Road Trip and the year before we were in Tuscaloosa for Alabama vs LSU. Regardless of where we go we bring the pain Clubber Lang style, so we know this South Carolina Road Trip will be bananas.

We’ve never been to a game at South Carolina before so I wanted to enlist the help of those of you who have or will be at the game or know someone who is. I’ve got three questions:

  1. Do you know of a bumpin tailgate where we can get down and add to the awesomeness that will be taking place that weekend or before the game? We want to experience how South Carolina fans party for a football game. It’s why we go on an SEC Road Trip every year.
  2. Do you have any recommendations for bars we should go, places we should eat, things we should do? Once again, we are looking to experience the best that Columbia has to offer. I will add that our trip to Auburn last year was insanely awesome and Alabama wasn’t far behind. The bar of awesomeness has been set and there’s nothing more that I’d love than for South Carolina to be the greatest college football tailgate town that I’ve ever been to. Help us experience that.
  3. Which tailgate lot should we try and get in with our RV’s?

All weekend I’ll be taking photos and videos of our experience to put on the site as well as social media. The more fun and awesomeness we have and people we meet the better. I’d love to be able to include cool ass South Carolina & Florida fans in the mix of what we are doing.

Hit me up at or on any social media outlet @BaconSports if you can help with any of this (or know someone who can).


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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