15 Sports Topics Nobody Wants to see Covered

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dont-want-to-see-sportsJust because sports happens doesn’t mean that people actually give two craps about each and every morsel of it. Here are 15 sports topics that nobody wants to see covered.

1) X Games


There was like ten of them this year and nobody watched any of them. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was a sick game though, so we can all agree with that. Other than that I am completely content with never seeing another X Games commercial with Skrillex blasting in my face telling me that X Games Barcelona will be going unwatched for the next two weeks.

2) Jets QB Controversy

Mark Sanchez has completely lost it. Look at his face. Geno Smith is not the answer. I’ve never seen so much attention paid to a team destined to win 6 games.

3) Houston Astros baseball highlights


Can anybody name one player on that team? Hideous uniforms too.

4) Aaron Hernandez

aaron hernandez oj

You shot a guy in the face. Go to jail and I never want to see or hear of it again. If you weren’t Brady’s tight end this story would be dead.

5) Rex Ryan

You’re not entertaining. You don’t win. You have a foot fetish. You have two dog-shit QB’s. I’m over it.

6) World Series of Poker


It’s not 2005 anymore and I’m not playing Hold Em’ at my buddy’s house for a ten dollar entry fee with one re-buy. Moneymaker was cool because his name was Moneymaker. No more coverage please.

7) Who’s Greater Debates: MJ or Lebron


There’s no way to tell so who cares.

8) Concussion Precautions

I don’t play football nor do I have any family members who do. And I also have no personal attachment to any player in the NFL. But, nobody likes hearing anything about this topic. Concussions will keep happening and the hits will keep being questioned. Get better helmets or something.

9) Instant Replay in Baseball

armando galaraga

I can’t really see it making the game faster/more exciting so drop it. Bad umpiring results in argued calls and rejections which baseball desperately needs. Like this one.

10) Anything WNBA


Would you rather take a year off of your life or attend 10 WNBA games?

11) Manziel Haters

Johnny Football. Smoke girlfriend. Beats Bama. Wins Heisman as a Freshman. Goes to Vegas and parties dick off. Tweets. Blacks out in Cabo. Sits courtside at NBA Finals. Goes to other school’s frats. Signs a couple autographs. Gets suspended. Comes back. Talks shit. Throws three touchdowns. Gets unsportsmanlike penalty. Ignores coach. Celebrates. Do whatever the hell you want man, this is way better than seeing Tebow give religious sermons on the sideline.

12) Should A-Rod Play?

Hell yes. How entertaining/controversial would it be if he and the Yankees just went on an insane tear and won the World Series. Then he got suspended.

13) LPGA Tour

natalie gulbis

Nobody cares. Don’t show one highlight. Natalie Gulbis thoughhhh.

14) Lou Holtz

Great voice. Great face. Just fantastic to listen to.

15) Nascar Sprint Nextel Cup

nascar crash

I watch SportsCenter every day and still do not know or care what this is. I know that Danica Patrick crashes a lot and that’s about it. Stop showing it.





Eric Simon

Eric Simon

I root for all of the sickest teams/players in sports, and I have a legitimate reason for each one. I am from Tucson, AZ so I love U of A basketball. My dad is from New York so I'm a Yankees fan, and I went to USC so I'm a Trojan. I hate underdogs and anyone that would ever root for the Spurs. I would be on the Dark Side of the force and I would be in Slytherin if I went to Hogwarts. I haven't played with anyone on the golf course that can hit the ball further than me in eight years. If you're reading this, I can beat you in ping pong or chess. Also, I was given the useless gift to write poems. So, now I write sports poems.