1972 Dolphins fan looking obnoxious as hell

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If you rooted for the only NFL franchise to ever have an undefeated season (1972 Dolphins) how do you think you’d react?

I think it gets broken down two ways depending on how you answer this question: “were you alive when it happened?”

If you were alive when it happened then by all means be as braggadocious as you’d like about it. “It’s an accomplishment like no other” (said with a Jim Nantz Masters voice) and I have to imagine that witnessing the 72′ season was akin to attending late night parties at Rony Seikaly’s crib after a big Heat victory.

This dude rocking a custom half and half 1972 Dolphins jersey thinks he looks pretty sweet but in actuality looks pretty lame. Having the custom name plate as long as book is pushing it, but to follow that up with a half and half jersey, which almost never looks good, just takes this to a different level of dorkdom. Just because I said you can be all braggadocious about it doesn’t mean there’s not repercussions if you look like a tool in the process.

This dude here got the 1972 Dolphins Undefeated Season tattooed on his belly and he looks completely badass.

H/T: Yahoo Sports

Combining Brian Bosworth’s haircut and shades with John Daly’s persona and I see a one man party of awesomeness!

In the event that you weren’t born when the 1972 Dolphins had the undefeated season then you are allowed to celebrate it as part of your franchise’s legacy and you are allowed to drink a beer when the last team gets a loss every season. However, it’s just not the same since you weren’t there and you can’t be as obnoxious or bring it up as often. That just comes off as sour over the fact that Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl and the Dolphins QB’s since then have been as bad as the Marlins attendance and no one wants to be around that.

Here’s to you 1972 Dolphins, you are making America better by putting a smile on our Presidents face and considering Obama’s a Bears fan he needs all the smiles he can get.

H/T: Sun Sentinel

H/T: Our Jersey Czar Ryan Mackman via @BurgerBeachBlog

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