1993 NBA Draft Preview

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This is a fantastic old school NBA Draft Preview from 1993. There are definitely some gems in here: Shawn Bradley, Bobby Hurley, J.R. Rider, Vin Baker.

Some things that stand out:

-Jerry Reynolds, GM of the Kings when talking about Anfernee Hardaway: “…a Magic Johnson type”. Great call on that one.

-When talking about Bobby Hurley: “they love his heads up gutsy style of play…he’s got a big heart, he’s a winner and a competitor”. In regular people language that means “slow white point guard that doesn’t know how to wear a seatbelt”.  It’s absolutely shocking that he didn’t succeed in the NBA after glaring reviews like that.

-Here’s a little nugget for you on Allan Houston. He holds the NBA record for most points in a game without an assist or rebound with 37.

Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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