20 World Series Stats to Make you a Smarter Sports Fan

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20-world-series-statsWith the World Series starting this week, I figured it was time to drop some knowledge on you sports fans with some hardcore and perhaps obscure, fall classic stats. Here are 20 statistics that you may find interesting.

1. Only 2 teams have won the World Series and then finished in last place in their division the following season: the 1998 Florida Marlins and the 2013 San Francisco Giants.

2. Cincinnati Reds OF Billy Hatcher holds the record for highest batting average in one World Series. He batted .750 in the 1990 World Series, where the Reds swept the Oakland A’s.

3. Hall of Famer Yogi Berra has the most World Series plate appearances with 295. Derek Jeter has the highest active total of World Series plate appearances with 173.

4. Everyone knows the Cubs have the record for longest World Series drought for an NL team, now at 105 years, but the Cleveland Indians have the longest drought for an AL team having last won a World Series in 1948.

5. New York Yankee Bobby Richardson is the only player to win the World Series MVP award while playing for the losing team, which he won in 1960 when the Yankees lost to the Pirates in 7 games.

6. Yankees managers Joe McCarthy and Casey Stengel have the record for most World Series titles as a manager with 7 apiece.

7. Only twice in World Series history have there been multiple MVP award winners. In 1981, Ron Cey, Pedro Guerrero, and Steve Yeager shared the award for the Dodgers, and in 2001, Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling shared the award as members of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

8. The New York Yankees have won the most World Series with 27, but they have also lost the most World Series with 13.

9. The St. Louis Cardinals have won the second most World Series titles with 11.

10. The Toronto Blue Jays and Philadelphia Phillies combined for the most runs in a World Series game with 29 in a 15-14 Blue Jay win in 1993.

11. The Yankees and the A’s are the only teams to win back to back World Series titles more than once. The A’s have done it 3 times and the Yankees 6 times.

12. The Yankees have won the most consecutive World Series titles with 5 from 1949-1953, while the Giants have the record for consecutive World Series titles in the NL with 4 form 1921-1924.

13. The Braves are the only team to win and lose a World Series in 3 different cities: Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.

14. Only 2 expansion teams have never appeared in the World Series: Montreal Expos (Washington Nationals) and the Seattle Mariners.

15. The Pittsburgh Pirates have 5 World Series titles, and all five titles were won in 7 games.

16. Cincinnati Reds pitcher Jack Billingham has the lowest ERA of any pitcher in MLB history (min. of 25 innings) at 0.36.

17. Bob Gibson holds the most strikeouts in one World Series with 35 K’s in 27 innings pitched in 1968.

18. Sparky Anderson is the only manager to win World Series title in the AL and the NL. He won with the Reds in 1975-1976 and with the Tigers in 1984.

19. The first scheduled World Series night game took place during game 4 of the 1971 series at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh when the Pirates hosted the Orioles.

20. The final World Series day game took place during game 6 of the 1987 series when the Twins hosted the Cardinals.







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