$235 bacon sandwich, a bacon explosion, and Baconfest. My bacon bucket list.

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We all remember many firsts in our lives, such as our first kiss or the first time watching WWE Raw. When it comes to my first encounter with bacon it is elusive like Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson.

The first time that crispy salty piece of pork magic touched my lips how did I react? Did I smile like prince Akeem in Coming to America or did I get out of my chair and do the Carlton? If only I knew a mad scientist with a DeLorean who could take me back in time but I don’t.

Instead of focusing on the past I decided to create new bacon memories. Last week I had my first encounter with chocolate covered bacon. Yes I said bacon covered in chocolate, which seemed like a strange pairing like Balki Bartokomous and Cousin Larry, but it worked. It was amazingly delicious causing me to create a bacon bucket list of other bacon masterpieces in need to try.

bacon-explosionThe first thing on my list has a couple of aliases like Mike Vick aka Ron Mexico. The Bacon explosion or Bomb which is a bacon weave dusted with barbeque seasoning then a layer of Italian sausage, more bacon and barbeque sauce. This bacon beast is then rolled up and smoked. Where do I find this creation one may ask? You can head out to Chicago and checkout Paddy Long’s or you can order one already made.

bacon 235Next up on my list is a bacon sandwich that costs two hundred thirty-five dollars which from the description is worth every penny just like the Max t-shirt autographed by the entire Saved by the Bell cast that I purchased on eBay. The fine folks at Tangberry’s Café in Cheltenham England created the Bacon Bling which is the sandwich equivalent of the Dream Team. It includes “rare breed bacon”, eggs, black truffles, truffle oil, gold leaf, gold dust and saffron. You had me at bacon.

BaconFest ChicagoThe final thing on my bacon bucket list for now is to attend a Baconfest. They are popping up all over the country like Harlem shake videos. The most preeminent one takes place in Chicago. Want a ticket to this year’s event in April? Well sorry it sold-out at a record pace. Some of the highlights include brilliant bacon dishes, alcohol pairings to go with bacon, and some of the best bacon products on the market. I may have to wait but it will be well worth it.

With bacon there is an endless world of possibilities which I could rattle off like Bubba from Forest Gump. Instead I say to you get out there, explore and make all your bacon dreams come true.

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