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Three 30 for 30 episodes That Need To Be Made

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30for30To a true sports fan, things don’t get much better than a brand new episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series. The idea in 2009 was for ESPN to do 30 documentary type shows covering sports stories during the ESPN era that hadn’t been fully explored or seemed interesting, and boy oh boy did they nail it. I mean come on, I sat glued to the TV watching the episode “The Band That Wouldn’t Die” that focused on the Baltimore Colt’s MARCHING BAND, a freaking NFL marching band, and loved every minute of it.

I’m sure there are plenty of story ideas that have been tossed around to ESPN, but here are a few I would like to see:

1. Jason Williams (aka White Chocolate)

Before I get started, I’m talking about Jason Williams the point guard that played high school basketball with Randy Moss, not Jay Williams, the Duke alum who couldn’t ride a motorcycle, or Jayson Williams, the ex-Net who shot his limo driver. White Chocolate played for Marshall University and then followed Billy Donovan to University of Florida where he smoked a lot of pot. He got caught smoking weed, got suspended for the remainder of his Senior season, and said screw it, I’m going to the NBA (where that sort of culture is fully embraced).

Williams was a true point guard, had a lightning quick shot release, and was as entertaining a player as there was. His career landed him in Sacramento (where he and C-Web were a filthy combo), Orlando, Miami, and Memphis. He won an NBA Championship with the Miami Heat in 2006 and was named one of the Heat’s top 25 players of all time.

I want to hear the rest of how his story went. I just know that him and Vlade Divac partied in Sacramento, I just know it. Here’s a little flashback at some of White Chocolate’s best plays.

2. Rae Carruth

Not much of a career to talk about here. There are so many things about his whole story that need to be revealed. He supposedly drove the getaway car in the murder of his baby momma who refused to abort the child. Baby momma goes into coma, Carruth tells authorities he will turn himself in if she dies, she dies, he runs. All we really know is that he was found in the trunk of a car in Tennessee with cash, bottles of his own piss, and candy bars. Precious could have hid better than that.

3. Shawn Kemp

Oh yeah, I want to see a 30 for 30 about the Reignman himself. Let’s start this off at The University of Kentucky. He was accused of pawning 2 of his coach’s son’s gold chains. Think about that for just a minute…he pawned 2 gold chains. Shawn Kemp could possibly be responsible for the beginning of a rap career, it’s highly unlikely, but still.

Kemp went on to Seattle to start a very solid career as a Super Sonic. He was one of the greatest in game dunkers that has ever played. He was traded to the Cavaliers in 1997 after contract disputes with the Sonics. In Cleveland he got fat and did blow. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it happened. Cleveland will do that to you, I guess. Then he went to the Trail Blazers and developed a drinking problem and got fatter, then went to Orlando and helped them get into the playoffs, and then just slowly faded away.

There are many more 30 for 30’s that I would love to see because the series opens another door to the sports world that we generally don’t get to see. I think the key to the show’s success is focusing on behind the scenes action that took place that few people knew. I mean come on, who knew Bo Jackson made his own arrows for hunting? Keep them coming ESPN. I’m anxious to see what you have next. I hope it’s one of my ideas.

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John Upton

John Upton

John Upton is a stand up comic from Tazewell, TN. He has performed with Harland Williams, Brian Posehn, Guy Torry, Tammy Pescatelli, and many more. You can catch him on stage or at the bar watching sports at Side Splitters Comedy Club in Knoxville, TN.