30 Things I Love About Sports

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Today is Valentines Day and people everywhere will be sharing their sediments of love (especially Shawn Kemp who has lots of babies momma’s to take care of). I thought that this would be a good time to do the same and profess my love for the the only thing that can make me laugh, cry, scream in agony, smile in delight, get a tattoo, and incite such rabid emotion that I can’t sleep or sit still because of it…I’m talking about my love for sports. Here are 30 things that I and some our my Twitter followers love about sports (in no order):

  1. ESPN’s 2 minute Drill. It may be gone but it’s not forgotten. By far the best sports trivia game show (yes, better than Stump the Schwab). My favorite moment ever from the show was when a contestent got to the “Question of Great Significance” where he got to choose his category that his final questions would be about. He selected “Men’s Pro Bowling in the 1980’s”. I’m pretty sure that this guy got to write his own questions for this one.
  2. George Brett’s story about how he crapped himself while in Las Vegas. This is possibly the funniest athlete related video ever.
  3. The NHL Playoffs. Football is number one in America but there is nothing like the quest for the Stanley Cup. Nothing.
  4. Overtime Playoff Hockey. There is nothing more nerve racking and better then OT playoff hockey. Every shift, pass, and shot could be the last one. One mistake and it could be over. The feeling you get when watching OT playoff hockey is probably how my parents felt when I ran with the bulls in Spain. They just wanted it to be over and hoped that everything would work out OK.
  5. NHL Playoff Superstition. When a baseball team wins a divisional round playoff game they celebrate like they just won the lottery. Not NHL teams. They have one focus and it’s winning the Stanley Cup. Many teams won’t even touch their conference trophy when they win because that one means nothing to them. That is awesome.
  6. NHL Playoff beards.
  7. Adam Morrison, Carl Pavano,  and Landry Jones Mustaches.
  8. Erin Andrews. Ya she’s hot but she’s actually a good sideline reporter too.
  9. College Fantasy Football. Yep, I do it and have done so for the last 7 years (we even did the stats by hand for the first 5). We include all 120 D-1 schools and its a keeper league. This league is not for the faint at heart and if you don’t know who the starting QB is at Hawaii, the starting RB at Western Kentucky, or the top WR at Western Michigan is then you are going to get eaten alive in this league. It is by far my favorite fantasy league that I do.
  10. The Dan Patrick Show. It’s the opposite of Mike and Mike in the sense that it’s not all puppy dogs and ice cream and I don’t have to listen to Greeney being whiney and frail. DP’s Man Cave is something that every man should strive for.
  11. Between the legs shots in Tennis
  12. Lee Corso at the end of College Gameday
  13. The first four days of March Madness and the excuses that come at work on Thursday and Friday of the first round. “I think I’m coming down with something. Cough. Cough.”
  14. Harold “The Show” Arceneaux’s performance vs UNC in 1999. Don’t ever forget “The Show”.
  15. Making fun of Charlie Weis. Kansas…really….Kansas?
  16. The Gymnast who ran into the pommel horse. This makes me laugh every time I see it.
  17. Filling out a scorecard at baseball games. It’s like a secret code that only awesome people know (from NickSeam)
  18. Sports travel… hitting the bars, tailgates and games of a couple of different sports in one town on one weekend (from Uncle Drunkle)
  19. Watching Blake Griffin Dunk.
  20. Damon Jones nickname “Amon Ones” (No D No J)
  21. Right fielders throwing out guys who are trying to get to third base. Unreal.
  22. Tom Emanski’s videos and the robot kids that he creates.
  23. Wrigley Field bleachers. No explanation needed if you’ve been there in the summer.
  24. Fall weather for college football.
  25. Pardon the Interruption when both Wilbon and Tony are there.
  26. Charles Barkley talking.
  27. Watching Derrick Rose drive strong to the hole.
  28. Gambling on college and NFL football. You can even “rent a movie” by throwing a few bucks down on the Tuesday night UTEP vs. San Jose St game and be totally entertained.
  29. Jeff George comeback rumors. They never get old and I hope that they keep on coming.
I could probably go on for hours on other things that I love but amazingly I have a girlfriend and I have to do things for her today. Luckily for me that involves going to the Bulls/Kings game tonight. Oh ya, number 30. Girls that dig sports.


Rob Cressy

Rob Cressy

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