Mets Fan Shows Love For Mary Jane With 420 Jersey

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Happy 4/20 Stoners. To celebrate this weed holiday I’ve got a double-header of stoney goodness.

Up first is Mentz, the weed loving Mets fan who’s decision making skills are even more questionable than his friend who bought a Curtis “I’ve hit .221 since coming to the Mets” Granderson jersey. No doubt Mentz was kicking it with Mary Jane when he decided to let the world know that he was in love with her by purchasing a custom 420 jersey. No doubt this jersey is in a category of its own and adds to the long list of crazy custom jerseys we’ve seen recently.

There is no better way to celebrate 4/20 than by commemorating my favorite weed video of all time. A Detroit Cop eats pot brownies, calls 911 because he thinks he’s OD’ing, and hilarity ensues.


“What’s the score of the Red Wings game?” #becauseitsthecup

H/T: Matt McKendry

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Rob Cressy

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