5 ballers whose verticals make me sad

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jacob-tucker-dunkYes I can dunk. It isn’t easy for me and it’s not pretty. I’m also 6 foot 3 and have the gangly arms of an orangutan. If I had to pick my dunk package in NBA 2K it would be ‘rim grazer.’ For the most part I live my life fairly content with my hops. Then I see videos of these guys and I become clinically depressed.

To help make up for my lack of hops I thought it would be appropriate to show videos of 5 ballers who’s verticals make me sad.

1. Jacob Tucker is the first featured baller on my list. He is 5 foot 10 and recently won the college slam dunk contest in 2011. I’m not going to tell you any of these guys’ verticals because it would put me back in that dark place.

2. Kenny Dobbs is the next baller I have on my list. He has the unique combination of swag and also some of the most impressive dunks I have ever seen. He is 6 foot 3 but if you add the length of his dreadlocks to his overall height, he has got to be over 7 feet.

3. The third dunker on my list goes by the name of Air Up There. Here’s him doing a 720 dunk, ’nuff said.

4. This next dunker is the only one on my list who is in the NBA. James White actually competed in this years NBA dunk contest. He failed miserably. However, I was blown away when I saw this video of White warming up for the 2006 NCAA Slam Dunk Contest. The best part of this video is that even with how insanely high White jumps here, Dee Brown still botches the toss.

5. Last but not least, this baller goes by the name of ‘Golden Child.’ That’s right, ‘Golden Child.’ I had never heard of him until conducting my ‘intellectual’ research on this subject. He’s legit.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am going to go and do a million calf raises right now.


Matt is interning with us this summer and is the newest addition to the Bacon Sports team. He bleeds the maize and blue, is a sports video game addict, and thinks that Andre Miller and Manu Ginobili would make the greatest backcourt in the NBA. You can follow him on Twitter @Komieyashi.