5 sweet NHL videos to get you pumped for the season

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paulina gretzky

paulina gretzkySanta was a little late but at least he came. The NHL lockout is over so we can all rejoice! I can’t wait to hear Doc Emrick call a game and see how flowing Barry Melrose mullet is. I can’t wait to see goalies stand on their heads and superstars score hat tricks. Most of all hockey being back means that there’s a better chance of seeing more scantily clad Instagram pictures of Paulina Gretzky so everyone is a winner there.

Save all the “woh is us the fans” talk. The lockout is over so we are going to move forward. Sure that makes us hockey’s bitch but who cares.

In order to try and recapture the enthusiasm for the NHL I put together five hockey videos that are sure to get your juices flowing again. These videos encompass the best that hockey has to offer and is why you should watch when they get back on the ice.

Patrick Eaves shootout fail:

This is my favorite NHL video ever and any time I need a good laugh I watch it. You’ll see 50 unreal shootout goals before you’ll see another buttfumble like Patrick Eaves shootout attempt.

Pavel Datsyuk dekes Tomas Vokun in the shootout: 

Pavel Datsyuk shootout goals are like hockey porn. Just when you think that you’ve seen everything he goes out and does something like this. Filthy.

Patrick Kane amazing shootout goal:

Pavel Datsyuk’s shootout goal was very graceful. This goal by Patrick Kane is down right abuse.

Bob Probert vs Tie Domi 2. One of the best hockey fights ever. 

Bob Probert and Tie Domi would be on the Mount Rushmore of NHL fighters. They’ve waged epic battles versus each other and this is possibly their best one. After watching this it blows my mind that a fan tried to fight Tie Domi once.

Most unbelievable 15 seconds in NHL history:

That is absolutely jaw dropping and I don’t think that Hollywood could have made up a script like that. How Patrick Stefan missed that open net I have no clue. Maybe he caught a case of the Patrick Eaves. Could you imagine being in Edmonton when that happened? Those people jerk off to hockey already so to have that happen in front of the home crowd probably left everyone needing new pants.

What amazing hockey plays are your favorite? Put your response in the comments.

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