5 Things You Absolutely Will Not See At The BSB 2.0

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bacon-sports-beer-celebration-dance-videoIn just a few short weeks, the Bacon, Sports and Beer Celebration 2.0 is going down, and we expect to see your face there! For those of you who haven’t experienced the BSB Celebration yet, you may have a few questions about the must-do Chicago summer event. Hopefully I can answer some of those questions as I bring you 5 things you will NOT be seeing on August 23rd.

1. Vegan Bacon
Bacon is, by definition, pork, so bacon by any other name would not taste as sweet. Er, um, savory. I’m just saying, if you’re coming to an event called the Bacon Sports & Beer Celebration, you should maybe get your soy bacon fix beforehand. You know, if you’re into that type of thing.

There will be so many different kinds of bacon and bacon-inspired dishes at the BSB 2.0, you’ll feel like you’re at a pig farm, but in a good way. The air will be ripe with the sweet smell of bacon on bacon on bacon. Attendees, rejoice! You will get your share of bacon and then some, and none of it will be of the imitation variety. We like our pork here at Bacon Sports. So sue us!

2. Fruity Cocktails
C’mon, man! The word “beer” is in the title of the event. There will certainly not be any fruity cocktails at this expo. Appletini drinkers will just have to suck it up and ingest the substance they fear most, beer. And I’m going to guess they’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Come prepared to be overwhelmed by the beer selection and have an eye-opening experience with a brew or two you’ve never tried before. That’s half the fun of it, isn’t it?

3. Sleazy Sales Pitches
Take all of the trade shows you’ve ever been to or heard of and throw all of them out the window! This one is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Well, unless you’re one of the awesome people who attended last year. Then you know the drill, or do you? As amazing as last year’s BSB Celebration was, this year’s promises to be bigger, better and baconier.

Don’t worry about any annoying sales people trapping you at their tables to show you how the latest “slap chop” works. We wouldn’t put you through that. I’ve been to food shows. Believe me, I wouldn’t willingly attend one. We’ll keep things fun the whole time, though if you want further information on anything you see, don’t hesitate to ask the experts representing their products.

4. Justin Bieber
Don’t worry, we didn’t invite the Biebs. He might show up anyway, but with any luck, Orlando Bloom will come to our rescue much like he did in Ibiza on Wednesday when he punched Chris Brown’s successor as worst person in the world. If the Biebs does show up, I hope someone challenges him to a pop-a-shot contest. I have a feeling Justin doesn’t have much game. After all, he’s no Woody Harrelson.

5. Lameness
Sorry, if you’re looking for a boring Saturday, you’re just not going to find it here. If you think gourmet bacon dishes, dozens of craft beers, indoor sports, dancing and shenanigans are boring, then we probably can’t be friends. There will be something for everyone here, so bring some friends, rock your best, most random jersey and get your bacon on with us in a few weeks!

We’d love to see you at the Bacon Beer & Sports Celebration 2.0 so GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!


Rebecca Ramos

Rebecca Ramos

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