5 videos showing why Andrew Wiggins is such a baller

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andrew-wiggins-dunkAndrew Wiggins, the number one overall high school basket recruit who is from Canada, just committed to play ball for the Kansas Jayhawks. He’s a one and done and assuming all things stay the same he’ll be the number one overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft. He’s been talked about like he invented Tivo, the Red Zone Channel, and iPhones and he throws down in game dunks ala Isaiah Rider in the Slam Dunk Contest. He’s at the Kobe Bryant/in his prime Tracy McGrady level (potentially) and there are NBA execs that have said they’d give Wiggins a max deal right now. Ball So Hard my friend.

If that doesn’t have enough hype built in I don’t know what does. Let’s see what all the hype is about by dropping 5 videos that show why Andrew Wiggins is such a baller.

Andrew Wiggins Official Senior Year Hoopsmixtape

One day I wish a player like this would forgo his one year of college and instead play for the AND 1 Tour. Could you imagine him throwing down 720 dunks with Hot Sauce and Spyda instead of following orders from Bill Self. That would be dope.

Andrew Wiggins responds to overrated chants and goes off

This might have been the easiest sell based on the the title of a video ever. With hype comes expectations. The great meet those expectations and take a dump on opposing fans. This is one of those instances.

Andrew Wiggins at LeBron James Skills Academy

I don’t know what the LeBron James Skills Academy is but I’m guessing it’s the Tom Emanski’s Defensive Drills of basketball. Wiggins owns this academy like Craig Sager does his style.

4 Sick Andrew Wiggins Dunks at the 2012 Charlotte Hoops Challenge

Tim Hardaway killer crossover some 5 food 8 white kid and I’m mildly impressed. What I want to know is how does this cat throw down? Let’s just say that if Brent Barry won an NBA Slam Dunk contest Andrew Wiggins should win 10.

Andrew Wiggins as a Sophomore

You aren’t a once in a generation player without being able to dominate from literally the second you come out of the womb. My Sophomore year in high school I was hoping to be able to touch the middle of the net. Andrew Wiggins was eating people, throwing Kevin Garnett like dunks, and already having threesomes.


Shout out to for a lot of these videos. They are doing some good work with the baller stuff.


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