5 Worst Dressed Post-Game Outfits

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Remember that time Dennis Rodman wore a wedding dress to promote his book? Unfortunately, so does the rest of America, and our collective eyes are still burning. While Rodman’s heinous dress might go down as the worst all-time athlete garb, there are some others in the game right now who could use a fashion consultant, too.

Here are the top 5 worst dressed post-game outfits of recent memory.

1. Cam Newton’s Shorty Pants and Hugh Hefner Slippers
If you paid attention to football or social media in 2014, you probably saw Cam Newton’s attempt at looking like a European footballer. Problem is, if you’re not Christiano Ronaldo, you don’t get to wear capris. Nor do you get to wear Hugh Hefner velvet slippers when you’re not inside the playboy mansion. This outfit was all kind of jacked up. C’mon, Cam!

2. Nick Young’s Homage to DJ Jazzy Jeff
Way before Will Smith was trying to get his kids famous, he happened to have an awesome show, with a killer supporting cast. One of those cast members was none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff, flamboyant shirt connoisseur and resident indoor sunglass wearer. Nick Young’s shirt brings me right back to 1992, when I was about 4 years old and loved nothing more than a good Uncle Phil flip out. I wonder how Iggy Iggs feels about Swaggy P’s wardrobe. He so fancy!

3. Colin Kaepernick’s Attempt at Bringing Back ‘90s Rap
Back in 1997, Ma$e was an up and coming rapper who made epic videos with Puff Daddy. Yeah, Puffy. Wait, I’m sorry, we’re talking about Colin Kaepernick here, aren’t we? Colin, the oversized life preserver, sideways hat and Beats By Dre headphones look just ain’t working, bro. Next up, he’s probably going to start wearing batting gloves as accessories. God, I miss the ‘90s.

4. Marshawn Lynch’s Ode to O.D.B.
“Hey, Dirty! Baby, I got your money!” Judging from the outfit he wore after the Seahawks beat the Panthers last week, Marshawn Lynch probably lives life with this song playing in his head. Everything about this is amazing and so amazingly terrible. Gold vest? Check. Face-exposing head condom? Check. “I’m going beast mode all up in this motha” sneer? Double check. I see you, Marshawn!

5. Rajon Rondo’s Country Meets J. Crew Jacket
When I first saw this jacket, I didn’t want to believe it. It’s like all the clothes at your local Abercrombie made a baby, and nobody wants to say it, but dat baby ugly. I don’t know whether Rajon was planning on sailing a yacht in Maine or tipping cattle in Montana, and that’s what makes him dangerous. Rajon, we can do better, buddy. But I do have to give him snaps for having major cojones. Just, never again.

Those are the hideous outfits that make my top 5 list. A little bit of everything, but a whole lotta ugly. Which fugly ensembles grind your gears? Holla at us on Twitter @BaconSports or on Facebook with your picks!

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